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Bitcoin bull Novogratz says the US faces an ‘existential crisis’ if it fails to make a digital dollar anytime soon


Wealthy investor Mike Novogratz says the United States has its fate in its own hands but will face a serious competitive disadvantage if it does not launch a digital dollar soon. See full story.

Dividend stocks are unpopular, but here are 19 things Wall Street loves

They have a dividend yield of 3.50% or more and the majority of them have a “buy” rating set by analysts. See full story.

Think you can count on the 4% rule in retirement? Think.

The future probably won’t be like the past See full story.

Biden’s infrastructure plans seeks to solve the long-term problem with the Internet, but will face familiar opposition.

Can the $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan proposed by President Biden do anything for the Internet that it promises to do for bridges, roads, harbors, airports and systems Shipping is damaged by country? See full story.

Will you vaccinate your child against COVID-19 when they qualify? Only half of US parents say yes

‘Parents need education and additional information to make them comfortable before deciding to vaccinate their child.’ See full story.


The new survey data shows that babysitting rates have increased by nearly 5% in the past year. See full story.



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