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Boehner criticized Republican extremism, describing anger over the Capitol siege

Former House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday criticized the rise of Republican extremists and said the January 6 siege of the US Congress was “sad” and “rebellion.”

In an interview with CBS News “Sunday Morning”, the Ohio Republican, who resigned from Congress in 2015 amid a Republican power struggle, said an increase in idealistic followers. Republicans have changed party – and country – for the worse.

“There is an allure to being a noisy person instead of a policymaker.”

– John Boehner

Boehner is on a press tour to publish her memoir, “On the House”, to be released this week.

Boehner said on Sunday that the split between extremists and traditionalists in the GOP has left him leveraged in dealing with the Obama White House. “I don’t have a position, because my boys won’t vote for it anything. Some of these members, I’m not sure what they are for. They are against everything. But I have never been able to define what they are for. “

“When you are in the majority party, you have a responsibility to run, not just make noise,” he said.

Boehner enlightened some of the people in Congress that he described in his book as political terrorists.

“[Rep.] Especially Jim Jordan, my colleague from Ohio, ”he told CBS News. “I’ve never seen a man spend more time tearing things apart, never building anything, never putting anything together.”

He also has no positive words for Senator Ted Cruz. Boehner said: “I don’t beat anybody, it’s not really my style, except for an idiot. “You know, the perfect symbol of being elected, making a big splash, attracting a lot of attention to yourself, raising a lot of money, means you will make a lot of money. than noise, increase than money.”

That kind of extremism, Boehner said, laid the foundation for Trump’s supporters’ siege of the Capitol.

“So sad. Rebellion. And literally, I can’t watch it anymore, ”he told CBS News, adding“ Oh yes, it pissed me off. ”

In his book, Boehner called the uprising “one of the lowest points of American democracy” and said it “should have been a wake-up call for Republican sobriety to return.”

“I wish he had said these things earlier,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill. – one of the few Republicans to vote to impeach Trump – told The Hill. “But with January 6, all the lie in the election stolen, the fact that many in the party seem to still accept it, I think he’s an important voice to have there. ”



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