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Boxing fans want Oscar De La Hoya’s return fight to be ‘stopped’ after ‘train wreck’ shows up in Paul vs Askren card

BOXING fans have called for Oscar De La Hoya’s fight back to be ruined following his appearance on the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren broadcast.

The former world champion, the sixweightweight world champion, joined the Triller broadcast team first Frank Mir’s clash with former cruiser king Steve Cunningham.


Oscar De La Hoya was part of the Triller tea ceremony,Credit: TRILLER
But his arrival raised concerns about his proposed fight back


But his arrival raised concerns about his proposed fight backCredit: TRILLER

And as soon as he got to the desk, it became clear He has absolutely no mind.

This 48-year-old man spoke repeatedly and repeated throughout the match.

And the appearance in his car crash caused some fans to call for his proposed July 3 comeback to be canceled.

One person tweeted: “Oscar De La Hoya is one of my all-time favorites.

“He needs to get an immediate drug check by whatever sports committee is about to sanction him so his fight back can stop.

“He really has a problem if he can’t stay awake on one week’s live broadcast.


“Think how Oscar’s well-documented addiction flare up right now if he can’t stay awake during a night of planned broadcast work, while in the training camp to fight.”

Another said: “Oscar De La Hoya needs to resist drug use before he gets back on stage.”

A fan involved predicting The Golden Boy’s dire return, saying: “Oscar De La Hoya will lose his fight back.

Another interested spectator commented: “It’s better than De La Hoya not to drink that much before his comeback game.”

When asked about his return, De La Hoya – who has openly talked about his substance abuse in the past – said: “You can expect a real fight. A real fight. the.

Oscar De La Hoya is preparing to return to the ring


Oscar De La Hoya is preparing to return to the ringCredit: GETTY

“Anyone I choose to be my rival. You bet with your ass that I’ll be the best mum out there.

“I always do my best and I’m proud of it. Whoever it is, I’ve been retired for 14 years.

“But guess I choose the best.”

“I don’t care who it is,” he added.

“I will fight to the end, I will bleed to the very end. And I will go down to the end.”

Oscar De La Hoya in ‘serious talk’ with MMA star Eddie Alvarez in his return to the sensational arena



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