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Branding experts from lawyers from the SEO agency KISS PR introduce the lawyer – Press Releases

KISS PR, one of Texas’ leading law firm marketing firms, has launched its law firm branding program. It is a 9-month attorney influencer program that guarantees branding by building trust with their target audience. It promises to position lawyers as number one in their fields and make them masters of public relations themselves.

The Influencer Program for Lawyers was developed by Qamar Zaman, CEO of KISS PR who, after over a decade of helping lawyers grow their practice, has created a blueprint that effectively promotes branding and outreach.

“This law firm branding program is designed to help attorneys harness the power of digital credibility,” said Zaman. “After my 10+ years of experience working with law firms and sole proprietorships, digital credibility brings exponential growth that helps them become status experts in their fields.”

The 9-month influencer program includes positioning and authority building to strengthen the law firm’s branding and image. One of the essential parts of branding is how law firms can leverage earned media. When asked what lawyers can expect in the first month of the program, Zaman said a PR roadmap is being prepared.

“In the first month of the program, during the in-depth meeting with the client, we present a carefully planned and drafted PR roadmap. It helps the client to easily understand the strategies involved and what to expect from them,” explained Zaman.

The course also includes a special eBook about Storytelling for law firms. It teaches how story-based content can help your business thrive and attract new legal cases

KISS PR also offers white label branding services to SEO companies KISS PR white label agency services.


Since the beginning of its operation, the KISS PR platform has already generated 68,000 articles and press articles, generating exponential traffic and views for its clients in various industries. Many of…

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