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Brazil: Court confirms cancellation of Lula – World judgment

The plenary meeting of the Supreme Court of Brazil gained a majority in favor of the cancellation of the sentences that apply to former president Luiz Inacio da Silva, who is therefore still eligible and will be able to participate in the election. presidential election in 2022. On March 8, Supreme Judge Edson Fachin announced the cancellation of the sentences for Lula by the group of judges of the Lava Jato investigation, Brazilian Mani Pulite, was a sole decision. Best.

Judges will also have to decide whether trials against Lula will have to be referred to the court of São Paulo or Brasilia for re-instruction. The second part of the Supreme Court ruled that Judge Sergio Moro maintained an “unbiased” act towards the former leftist president. Lula, 75, was jailed for 580 days in Curitiba and did not rule out the possibility of running for president in 2022. A poll published yesterday found Lula the winner with 52% compared to 34% in one. The hypothetical vote against the incumbent president is so far true Jair Bolsonaro.


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