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Brooke Baldwin posted a photo of the ‘last dress’ before the closing date at CNN after criticizing the network ‘young woman leader’

CNN host Brooke Baldwin posted a photo of the dress she would wear on air during her final show to the net after sitting in the hot seat for 13 years.

“One last dress hung in my office,” Baldwin posted. “For one last show.”


Brooke Baldwin posted a picture of the final dress she will air on CNNCredit: Instagram / Brooke Baldwin
She posted the dress along with a caption thanking CNN for 13 years


She posted the dress along with a caption thanking CNN for 13 yearsCredit: CNN

“See you on Friday,” she said finished with emoticons of three hearts.

Accompanying the caption are the hashtags # CNN, 13 years and “great.”

A single pink sheer dress hangs on the empty clothes rack in Baldwin’s photo.

The anchor selfie shows the left side of her face with a lowercase “b” necklace.

Her Instagram photo came a week after she made a stir because of the young woman’s lead last week with CNN.

The anchor goes to tell Magazine Ms podcasShe had to “fight for the sake of women” with a staff of men dominated by men.

Baldwin claims there aren't enough women at CNN


Baldwin claims there aren’t enough women at CNNCredit: CNN
CNN is dominated by male stars like Wolf Blitzer


CNN is dominated by male stars like Wolf BlitzerCredit: Getty
One study found male CNN anchor characters like Jake Tapper filling golden hour positions


One study found male CNN hosts like Jake Tapper filling golden hour positionsCredit: NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via

41 years old claims that there is a “little way to go” in making the work environment more equal.

“The most influential people on our network, the highest paid, are men,” Baldwin said.

“My bosses, my executives, are men. The CNN Dayside supervisor is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man.

“So I was surrounded by a lot of men.”

Baldwin said she was 'fighting for women's stories' at CNN


Baldwin said she was ‘fighting for women’s stories’ at CNNCredit: AP


“I haven’t been told much about this,” said Baldwin.Credit: Getty

Baldwin says it started from the early stages of her career and as she was advancing in the ranks she was “surrounded by a lot of guys.”

The Peabody Awards finalist added that CNN is making “little bit more progress” in empowering women in executive positions and digital news gathering.

However, Balwin claims that it hasn’t gone far enough.

“It’s getting better but we still have a bit of a way to go,” she said. “I want more women in the room.”

“I personally know I fight for women’s stories,” Baldwin continued. “I haven’t been told a lot and I can still do it.”

She also noted that she kept a poster from the CNN series “American Women” hanging in her office as a reminder.

Baldwin will leave CNN on April 16


Baldwin will leave CNN on April 16

Baldwin will leave CNN on April 16 without a job after 13 years with the network.

She announced her departure in February after being taken from the air and replaced with Jake Tapper the month before the 2020 election.

“As the elections are coming, political conductor @jaketapper will keep my and his working hours for the coming weeks. Wishing I was with you, but I’ll see you again on [TV] on the flip side of the election, ”Baldwin wrote in a post at the time.

“Not my choice”, she replied when fans questioned that she had taken too much time off.

She has also announced the new book Huddle.

It focuses on the power women have when they come together as a group.

She says writing the book over the past two years has inspired her to leave her comfort zone and pursue new challenges.

Her comments for this week come after a 2018 word analysis The Wrap shows that the network doesn’t have as many females anchored on weekdays as competitors like MSNBC and Fox News.

It found that CNN had half of women anchored solo on weekdays with just three compared to six on Fox News and MSNBC.

“CNN has significantly fewer women serving in online roles than Fox News or MSNBC,” TheWrap reported.

None of these women work during the golden hours between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.



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