Home Environment Brooklyn Home Company designs passive townhouses with raw wood elements

Brooklyn Home Company designs passive townhouses with raw wood elements

New York-based collective Brooklyn Home Company designed a passive townhouse in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood in New York City. The townhouse, designed according to the principle of Passive House, has four floors, a terrace and a basement.

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The designers have incorporated natural wood and softly tones into many aspects of the house to match the eco-friendly theme. There are beautiful hardwood floors and raw wooden furniture throughout, but the real heart of the house is realized in a beautiful wooden staircase with a rough wooden railing. The rooftop has a comfortable seating area surrounded by trees and wooden walls.

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white chairs near the built-in bookshelf
Raw wooden dining table edge below wood pendant light

Passive design enhances energy efficiency and sound insulation while the ERV filter system provides the home with better indoor air quality, according to the company. The system continuously absorbs toxins in the air and foul air, while releasing fresh, purified air, and adjusting the humidity level. This consistent regulation of humidity and air circulation not only improves the air quality, but also reduces the chance of viruses spreading in the air as it prevents mold growth and dryness in the air. air. Mold and air dryness are among the most common causes of viruses to spread in winter and are also factors that cause problems like allergies and dry skin.

White kitchen with black countertops

Passive House principles require airtight insulation, which helps keep the home open carbon emissions low and reduced heating and cooling bills. Brooklyn Home Company also uses three-compartment European windows to prevent outside noise from entering townhouses. The company’s chief architect is a Certified Passive Home Designer, and the Brooklyn Housing Company also partnered with New York City consultant and educator Bldtyp to oversee home construction.

Wooden frame bed in white room
terrace with white chairs surrounded by wooden walls

The company hopes that the cognitive and health benefits that better air quality bring to the home will inspire more homeowners to invest in the science and ingenuity behind. Passive home design.

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Photography by Matthew Williams through DADA Goldberg



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