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Burma: Reporter CNN, ‘the regime has no support for the people’ – Politics

In Burma, “the military has no support of the people” and against the coup leaders, they have only the power to protest: a situation that could lead to a “serious civil conflict. “: he declared this, having witnessed it with his own eyes. location from Yangon, the only voice of the Western press to acknowledge the Asian country struggling after the coup, CNN’s special envoy Clarissa Ward.
Interviewed by her colleagues from CNN in the US, Ward said that she was frequently followed by an escort, that she was unable to sleep in a hotel in Yangon but was instead forced to had to live in a military zone, “isolated from the outside without free entry.” The first day – he said – “I was traveling with a convoy of six trucks loaded with soldiers.” said a few days ago, she was finally allowed to go to a public space: ‘We started filming at an open-air market and immediately people started coming to us, talking and giving The three-finger sign, which became the symbol of this protest They told us their stories, that there is no peace and fear. them, “he told CNN.
But while they were interviewing, “escorts are filming with their cell phones and recording their names.” Then came the arrests: “A woman who ran after us, trembling like a civet, told us that the three people we interviewed had been arrested.” Later, it was known that at least 11 people were arrested, following the same army.
In fact, Ward had a lot easier to interview military spokesperson, gen. Zaw Min Tum. Why did you arrest them? What crimes have they ever committed? CNN reporter asked him. “They did not commit any crimes,” the military spokesman replied, dressed in an intact white suit, of 11 arrests in an excerpt from the interview edited in video link with CNN from Yangon. “Security forces are only concerned that they might start a rally in the market. The government has ordered their release as soon as possible,” the spokesperson added. “Now – Ward said – we know for sure that eight people have been released.” We went to Burma “because we thought we would have freedom of movement. We went to the military’s permission, with all this required. But we still felt the American Journalist resolved. Like that it is important to come and see for yourself what is happening and confront those responsible for the violence. ” “Why are they letting us in? Because the military wants to hear their bells”, because they see the rally as dangerous and destructive to the economy. “They made us talk to the protesters threatened and humiliated and showed us the buildings they said had been vandalized by the protesters.” Country, concludes Ward, may be on the way to a violent civil conflict “(ANSA).


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