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‘Cafe Maddy Cab’ helps pay cabin fare for Asians afraid of taking the subway – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Recent increase in against Asia hate crime Someone expressed concerns about taking the subway.

Among them was a woman in Brooklyn, who found a way for people to get safe rides for free, who shared her efforts – “Cafe Maddy Cab” – with CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis.

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Madeline Park shares her passion for cooking on social media that she calls “Cafe Maddy”. Mixed in her cooking tutorials is a video about the proliferation of crimes against Asians.

“Thank you for praying against the hatred,” she said in the video.

Recent reports of hate have led to her own anxiety about going to the dentist.

“I took the train and I didn’t realize I would be horrified the entire trip,” she said.

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She didn’t want the taxi costs to stop people from getting one, so with the help of her friends, she cooked the “Cafe Maddy Cab”.

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“We started sponsoring taxis to pay for Asian seniors, Asian women, Asian members of the LGBTQ community, who felt safe enough to take a taxi instead of taking a train,” she said. to speak.

The effort started with her donating $ 2,000 to people who responded to her call to action on Instagram. She was blown away by the answer. In just two days, she received a $ 100,000 donation.

“It’s really fun to see people unite with us and support us because so many articles and videos have seen people turn a blind eye,” she said.

The way it works is that taxi riders for safety submit a form with the reason, along with a photo of the receipt for review. After receiving so many requests, Park took a break from work and took a break from cooking. More than 1,100 requests were completed, which she says could not have been possible without contributions.

“I think it is a message of great hope. I hope this program or initiative, it’s not necessary as soon as possible, ”she said.

Park said she hopes this will spark a larger discussion with the city about how to help subway riders feel safer.

She says her ideas have spread to other cities including Boston and San Francisco, helping people get safe trips around the country.

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If you’re looking to help or you need a ride, CLICK HERE.



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