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Caitlin Jenner ‘was advised by Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale as she plotted to run for California governor’

CAITLYN Jenner is reportedly being advised by Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale as she is considering running for California governor.

Parscale is not a campaign manager, but is providing guidance on how to build a team if she runs, according to the New York Times.


Caitlyn Jenner is said to be considering running for California governorCredit: MTV
Brad Parscale previously served as a campaign advisor to Trump


Brad Parscale previously served as a campaign advisor to TrumpCredit: Refer to Footnotes

Axios reported on Monday that Jenner is considering running, as California’s current governor, Gavin Newsom, is facing a recall election.

Parscale served as senior data and digital operations advisor Donald Trumpcampaign 2020, but announced in September that He gave up to deal with personal problems.

The former adviser was detained by the police in his own home and forced to be hospitalized several days before resigning after using a self-fencing gun in the house.

Jenner, who spent decades in the limelight, first as an Olympic gold medalist and then a reality TV star, also met Caroline Wren.

Parscale resigns from Trump's election campaign in September 2020


Parscale withdrew from Trump’s election campaign in September 2020Credit: AFP
Jenner is believed to be speaking with many of the GOP political advisers


Jenner is believed to be speaking with many of the GOP political advisersCredit: Getty

Wren, a longtime GOP fundraiser and Jenner met through her work with the American Unity Fund, a GOP nonprofit that focuses on LGBTQ issues, according to Axios.

Wren has also previously worked for Trump with Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for the former president’s 2020 campaign – and helped organize the rally he attended just before the January 6 attack on Capitol of America.

Jenner is widely known as a Republican, and even joked at the 2016 Republican National Conference that she “had more trouble being a Republican. I did when I transgender ”.

However, in 2020, the year that marks her fifth anniversary, she says she has “changed her political views.”

Although she supported Trump in the past, she revoked that support in 2018.

She openly spoke against the former president’s stance on same-sex marriage with Diane Sawyer on the “20”, saying “I am 100% in favor of same-sex marriage, let’s get it clear now.”

She also publicly criticized Trump’s decision to reverse the directive about transgender people entering public school bathrooms on Twitter, calling it “a disaster”.

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