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Can Donald Trump win the 2024 presidential election? Here’s what – Press Releases

former President Donald Trump has not officially announced its entry into the race for the 2024 presidential election. If Trump decides to run, he could be considered a favorite based on the results of the latest straw poll and odds from betting sites.

What happened: The latest results from the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) opinion poll show that Trump received 69% of the votes from around 1,000 participants. This struck the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, which received 24% of the votes. Texas Senator ted cruz also received 2% of the votes, while all other candidates received 1% or less of the votes.

Trump received a 99% approval rating in the straw poll.

The straw poll shows Trump has the same support as a similar poll in July 2021, when the former president got 70% of the vote. A February 2022 CPAC straw poll showed Trump receiving 59% of the vote.

In another poll that asked participants who the candidate of choice would be without Trump’s candidacy, DeSantis received 65% of the vote, followed by Donald Trump Jr with 8%, Cruz with 6% and former secretary of state Mike Pompeo Received 5% of the votes.

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Why it matters: The CPAC straw poll is often used as an indicator of where GOP voters stand. Poll shows Trump still in the lead, though many point to DeSantis receiving vocal support from people like Tesla Inc TSLA chairman Elon Muskas a strong competitor against Trump and in the overall election.

The results of the straw poll also agree with what the betting odds say about the 2024 presidential election. Currently President Joe Biden has seen his approval rate decreases due to many factors including inflation, economy and age.

As a result, Republicans are favored to win the election at betting site Bet365. at Bet365, Trump and DeSantis are both listed at +275 odds. Biden is in third place with odds of +650 followed by Gavin…

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