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Can Trump really shut down the Mueller investigation?

Politics and Poll: Can Trump really shut down Mueller’s investigation?

March 22, 2018, 4:45 pm by Sam Wang

As Trump’s hostility to the Mueller’s investigation heats up, can he really shut it down? On Politics and the Poll, I spoke with Fordham Law professor and Trump investigative expert Jed Shugerman about the unsuccessful safes that Mueller may have come up with and the legal theories of the case. New listening Politics & Polls!

Oh, and in case you missed them, Julian and I had some great recent episodes: one with Drive by truck, one with political writer EJ Dionne, and one with the historian Linda Gordon of the KKK’s revival in the 1920s and what it means for today. Pretty much every guest – we’re so pleased with the amazing people we have come into contact with!

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