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Capture a digital Pivot with Tekoa Hash »Success as your own boss

Tekoa Hash is Creative Director and Change Representative for beauty innovations. Using her 25 years of experience as a make-up and connectivity specialist in the entertainment, beauty and sports industries, she turned her career around and became Teknique’s Founding Partner. Agency, a talent agency for lifestyle and beauty. They have worked with numerous brands and media outlets including MTV, BET, VH1, Disney, Chick-Fil-A and Walmart. Tekota has also served as Glam Coordinator for Love & Hip Hop. Her passion is to give other artists the foundation she has spent years creating by connecting them with the major companies in the industry.

Today, Tekoa shares her journey from a leading professional makeup artist to create one of the leading lifestyle and beauty talent agencies in the business. She revealed how to work with top artists to connect them with suitable people in the field of television and film. She shares how the pandemic changed her business from having multiple artists working on multiple shows to stopping production and how she directed the company through it. She shares her top recommendations to redirect your business to a digital platform and how she takes the business live, practice into a digital format. She also shares how you can avoid burnout, how she stays motivated, and what’s next for her company.

“It really, really understands who your core audience is. Really figured out and really authentic to you, not a fluff. “- Tekoa Hash

Listen to the podcast below:

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Tekoa went from high-end makeup artist to running one of the leading creative beauty companies in the industry
  • How Tekoa runs the business of placing beauty ads on TV and movies
  • The impact of the pandemic on Tekoa’s business and how she overcame it
  • The top recommendations for capturing a digital pivot for your business
  • How to avoid exhaustion
  • What keeps Tekoa motivated and inspired
  • What’s next for Agency Teknique

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