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Caryn Hubbard is Buffer’s Deputy CFO

I am very happy to share that Caryn Hubbard was recently promoted to Vice President Finance at Buffer. 🎉

Caryn has been with the Buffer team for over 5 years now and has made a tremendous contribution to his time with the team, as the Head of Finance and a member of our Operations team. She is instrumental in $ 3.3 million acquisition by VC investors, in helping us navigate the turmoil of the pandemic’s financial impact, as well as in its launch Buffer annual charitable donations. She has also experimented with several projects that enhance the transparency of Buffer around compensation, includes many versions of our salary formula.

Outside of the Finance team, Caryn has overseen Buffer’s legal and compliance focus through industry changes and Buffer’s expansions. She continues to be a strong leader for the finance team and has most recently worked on our approach to liquidity and equity.

I’m grateful for everything Caryn has done for Buffer and our team. Buffer’s financial future is more secure and we have a more sustainable business as a result of Caryn’s hard work. She is a trusted and calm presence who is trusted to provide Buffer with regular, thoughtful financial updates to our team and investors. You can see the most recent report here.



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