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CBD suppositories for pelvic pain can help relieve pain during sex

As someone with increased pelvic floor tone, my pelvic floor muscles are in an almost constant state of contraction. Think: as tight as a closed fist. This situation can make penetrating play painful if not impossible – that is, unless I coax my pelvic floor muscles into submission ahead of time.

Historically, I’ve been able to do it with just a combination of meditation, masturbation outside the genitals, and breathing exercises. But recently I found out Foria’s Relief Suppositories with CBD ($50), and they quickly became a staple of my pre-penetration sex ritual. Even better, these gems aren’t just for people like me who have hypertonic pelvic muscles. Instead, they are for anyone who wants to reduce pain and/or increase the pleasure of penetration play Heather Jeffcoat, DPT, a physical therapist specializing in sexual dysfunction and incontinence and the author of Painless Sex: A Self-Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve.

Have a plot? Read on to find out how CBD suppositories work to relieve pelvic pain and increase pleasure and my experience using them.

What is CBD Suppositories?

Available as an rectal or vaginal suppository, suppositories are bullet-sized solids that dissolve once placed in your anal canal or inner vagina. CBD suppositories, specifically, are any suppositories containing cannabidiol (CBD), non-psychoactive compounds found in hemp.

But how do CBD suppositories differ in function from other items like CBD Stimulating Oil or CBD lubricating? Structurally, suppositories are waxy solids that become liquid only after being inserted. This app allows you to access and thus target inner tissues deeper than what is possible with irritating oils or lubricants, according to Dr. Jeffcoat.

Many CBD suppositories also contain higher doses of CBD than other CBD-infused sexual wellness products. For example, Foria’s suppositories contain 100 milligrams of a broad spectrum, certified organic, regenerative active regenerative development, while the stimulant oil and Lubrication contain significantly less, with 30 milligrams and about 20 milligrams per serving, respectively.

Many uses of CBD suppositories

CBD is a vasodilator, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory, which means it promotes blood flow, can reduce pain, and can reduce inflammation, says Dr. Jeffcoat. Because the tissues lining the vaginal canal have high density of endocannabinoid receptorsallow the authority to “register” that CBD is presentUsing CBD suppositories vaginally can reduce local inflammation and target pain, she says.

CBD also aids in the arousal process by aiding in increased blood flow to the erosion area, which is the physical precondition for the rest of the stimulus response (tissue engorgement, natural lubrication, pelvic floor relaxation, vaginal opening, etc) she said.

“Anyone with chronic pelvic pain, as well as anyone with suspected or confirmed endometriosis, vestibular disorder, or vaginosis can benefit. [from CBD suppositories]. ” —Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

So who might consider using the product? “Anyone with chronic pelvic pain, as well as anyone suspected or confirmed Endometrial optimismDr. Jeffcoat said. In addition to helping people with pelvic floor pain, CBD suppositories can also be helpful for people who have a mental and emotional interest in sex but a low physical response, as well as those who want to increase sensitivity. sensations of the genitals, she said.

That said, Dr. Jeffcoat recommends talking with a pelvic floor specialist or Obstetrician-Gynecologist before getting started. While none of her patients have experienced any side effects from using CBD suppositories, masking sexual pains or nausea with something like CBD suppositories rather than finding out what causes them. Root cause and addressing it accordingly can hurt your body in the long-term.

Here is my experience with CBD suppositories for pelvic pain

I’ve noticed that stress worsens my symptoms associated with increased pelvic floor tone (mainly pain during sex). So it’s probably no surprise that in 2020, bone pain worse than ever. Ugh.

And although the pain got a little better with the help of the pain relievers my pelvic floor therapist recommended, the constant tightness prevented having sex like this. I want. (Farewell, strap sex!)

But when I found an unused, unopened can of CBD suppository in my closet, I texted my pelvic floor therapist a photo of the collection and she suggested giving it a try. The one with the highest CBD dosage — that’s how I got hooked on Foria.

Me and my girlfriend decided to go on an overnight date to try it out. We cooked dinner (grilled feta pasta ống), shared a bath, and then moved into the bedroom. Immediately upon opening the package, we were greeted with the welcoming aroma of chocolate. (The cocoa butter has a strong aroma, inspired by tootsie rolls.)

Next, we each inserted the CBD bullet. (She are not have a hypertonic pelvic floor or other pelvic floor condition, but do have a “try anything twice” attitude). The guidelines say to “allow some time for the CBD to absorb into the local tissues.” In the end, it took 60 minutes for either of us to feel anything. But then we both felt everything.

After an hour, I felt the walls of my vagina begin to vibrate, almost like when I was close to orgasm. I don’t know if it was the CBD suppository at work or the hour-long foreplay earlier (most likely, it was a combination of the two), but soon she was able to use my fingers painlessly. me for the first time in a long time. What about her? She reports that every time she swipes her tongue and brush her fingers, she feels more power consuming than usual.

The only downside is how messy the whole challenge is. We were covered (as were our sheets) in cocoa butter by the time we finished. But a little clutter in exchange for more fun and notably less pain? For the owner of the vulva has penetrating pain, like I do, I’d say it’s a damn fair trade.

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