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Certified Grant Writer, Dalaine Bradley, Secured a Total of $2.9 Million Dollars in Grant Funding for Nonprofit Organizations Since 2020 in The Midst of a Pandemic – Press Releases

Dalaine Bradley is a certified grant writer, tax accountant, and financial coach. She has been able to secure $2.9 million grant funding for nonprofit organizations.

How is it possible? I know this is the same question on your mind, right? But Dalaine Bradley began in 2018 informally with facilitating the grant writing for the company she managed. 

Since she had always been a writer but obviously kept it as a hobby rather than as a genuine career. During the pandemic, her peers who knew her to be an excellent grant writer proposed that it will be of great benefit to assist other businesses and non-profit organizations obtain funding as well. After getting certified, she deliberately made the service official and to date, she has been able to help secure $2.9 million in grant funding for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Her specialty is on grant research, grant writing, and running trainings on funding for community-based non-profit organizations. It is hoped that anyone will be willing to work with their company over the competition because their design is based on foundation, strategy, and relationships which is very essential in grants/funds generation. Also, her company, Vraiment Financial, has a proven track record that permits them to secure grants/funds reliably for clients either on the basis of 1-on-1 services or via their accelerator programs and workshops organized by their organization.

As a successful grant writer and tax accountant, following guidelines and details are already part of Dalaine’s process. If a grant proposal is not completed correctly or requested documentation is not included and does not meet the grantor’s specifications, the proposal may be disqualified, which is the reason why they have gone further to be creative, practical in thinking, tech savvy, with key industry knowledge and persistence. Not only does Dalaine and her team are great grant writers, but they engage in writing style that makes proposals stand out from other applicants.

In addition, Dalaine and her team has successfully won lots of grants for their clients across the world, which makes her company unique, and stand out in the industry, however, it’s more of their hobby and not working per say. Hence, several awards have been won because of this.

Grant Research & Writings Programs can be found on our waitlist at http://bit.ly/grantprogramwaitlist or our application form at http://bit.ly/vfgrantapp

How to Reach Dalaine Bradley:

Website: https://vraimentfinancial.com/
Email:  [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vraimentfinancial
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lainebceo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vraimentfinancial/

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