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Chad: Deby, an ally of West Africa

President Chadian Idriss Déby Itno, killed while commanding the Chadian army in the fight against rebels in the north of the country, is seen as a strategic ally of the West in the fight against the raging jihadists. onions in the Sahel. The son of a humble rancher, a professional soldier and rebel warrior before taking power in the 1990 coup, the deceased head of state officially died in the battle against The organized rebels of Libya continued to show themselves as a “warrior”.

He received almost unanimous support from the international community, despite criticism of a lack of respect for human rights, especially in the 1990s, when his republican defense forces and the police. Politics charged with massacre.

Lately, his methods have become less brutal and some opponents have been allowed to speak relatively freely even as security services have prevented criticism from turning into those protests. Street: there have been intentional arrests and a ban on protests such as in the last April 11 presidential election, in which Deby faced six opponents identified by analysts considered his “henchman”.

Deby has placed relatives in important positions in the military, in the state apparatus or in the economy without ever leaving the prime minister’s office for too long: there were 17 successors from 1991 to 2018 in managing a very poor country as an oil producer, Chad is third from bottom up on the United Nations Human Development Index).

Its strength was diminished by a rebel strike in 2019 but was intercepted from N’Djamena by French fighter bombers. Surrounded by volatile states such as Libya, the Central African Republic and Sudan, Déby is seen as a stabilizing factor: in 2013, he sent troops to fight jihadists in Mali with him. Serval’s French soldiers and later Barkhane operations. In addition, the Chadian army ensured one of the main backup forces, the Blue Helmets and in Mali, and was considered the most aggressive part of the G5 Sahel joint force (including Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger).


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