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Check in for the captain’s rest in Tasmania

A dream come true. That’s how I would describe it in as few words as possible. As long as I can remember, I want to be able to let myself into the calm waters of the water Captain rested in Tasmania. But with a predetermined calendar of months and a personal aversion to planning, that hasn’t happened until now.

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Check out the Captain’s resting place, Tasmania

Captain’s Rest is where time stands still. It’s a small and modest cabin tucked away in Lettes Bay, a short drive from the peaceful town of Strahan. And if you have the thought of “getting ahead,” then this is the place. It will take you around four hours to drive here from Launceston or Hobart, which is probably where you’ll travel when you land on the island. Or if you arrive in Tasmania by ferry, it will take you 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to Captain’s Rest from Devonport port.

Cabin: Where time stands still

After a long four-hour drive from Launceston, my arm made way for the luggage and let out a sigh of relief as I turned the lock in the keyhole. In front of my eyes is a scene that I will never forget: a fire of wood, gentle waves and an old jetty. It’s such a quintessential image that you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered the set.

On the way Captain’s RestRemember to stop the necessary stops to both drive and rest and better prepare for your time in the cabin. Along the way, be sure to drop by the Hill Street Grocery for fresh fruits and vegetables, handcrafted quick cakes, quick-cooling dinners and some handcrafted chocolates. Oh! And don’t forget the cheese.

Another great stop is the visit to the Tasmania Food & Wine Conservatory, a specialty experience that celebrates Tasmania’s delicious food and products. There is a full menu on offer, but take-out dishes and a selection of gins, whiskey and local wine are sure to make the point.

Inside the cabin

The cabin itself is sufficient reason for a four-hour travel to Strahan. In fact, it’s so popular that the hardest part of your trip will be finding a slot! Captain’s Rest is usually booked months in advance, so make sure this is a long-planned adventure.

The cabin is best suited for one or two people. I originally planned to visit alone and get a writer to withdraw from my stay, however I extended my last-minute invitation to the handsome guy you will see in a few photos. . He’s quite special and the cabin looks like a perfect place for two ~ so ~ I rushed and invited him to come along.

The cabin is small and charming, with a queen-size bed, a bathroom, living room, a small dining room, a niche for the writer and a medium-sized kitchen. You could easily spend a week or two here, but the hassle would be finding enough days to lock into the calendar. I definitely wouldn’t stay less than two nights and if you could, two more!

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Where time stood still

You may be wondering what you will do when you get to the Captains Rest. The truth is that this is, in fact, the destination. The cabins are designed to give guests a sense of necessity out of the busy city life and encourage you to turn off the engine. Yes, there’s Wi-Fi and TV inside the cabin … but you’ll be surprised how much you want or need to turn on either. Instead of adjusting, you adapt to your senses.

The cabin is just a short drive from Strahan, where you’ll find an IGA supermarket and bottle shop. So if you need supplies, they’ll be close by. There is a small cafe aptly named “The Coffee Shack” in town. This is where you’ll find the best coffee in town and a delicious slice of caramel.

If nothing else, use this time to relax and get back to life’s simple pleasures – a good book, a glass of wine and a good friend.

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I’m wearing: Lofty Crew Sweaters, Agolde jeans

Book your vacation at Captains Rest

Captain remaining starting at $ 450 per night for the entire house.

Book your vacation with AirbnbBut remember to plan ahead as this dreamlike escape has been booked for months.

Still want more? Check out my post above Best Airbnbs in Tasmania. Or maybe you want full planning Road trip to Tasmania.



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