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Choosing vegetarian and vegan aspects for a healthier lifestyle – Beth Owen

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Veganism is a kind of consumer boycott: we don’t buy products related to suffering and abuse and while some consider it a ‘cult’, when taken out of context. There, it really could be a great lifestyle choice. Vegetarians avoid any products with animal ingredients, including dairy, while vegetarians choose to cut out meat. Then there are those pescetarians, who choose to eat only fish. The choice of a vegetarian or vegan choice doesn’t have to be made as an ethical choice; It can also actually be used to improve your health; especially gut health. What’s even better about the story is that many of the vegetarian dishes are impressively delicious! Healthy stir-fries and salads can be better with Lee Kum Kee’s premium light soy sauce.

Vegetarian is good for health

Many people turn to a vegetarian diet due to health reasons. According to a series of studies, the vegan diet has the ability to reduce the incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and common cancers (including breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. ). The main reasons for this are lower rates of obesity and high blood pressure in vegans and lower levels of LDL (“bad” cholesterol) cholesterol, found in animal foods. Animal feed also contains chemical and antibiotic residues, some of which are used to cure the diseases typical of industrial farms. Contrary to popular belief, a balanced vegan diet contains all the nutrients your body needs, and when eaten properly, there is no shortage of protein, iron, calcium or vitamins.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Another reason to switch to a vegan diet is the fact that the animal food industry is among the most polluting industries on the planet. Actually, one A The report says these industries are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions (more than all vehicles combined!). The feed industry cannot survive not only because of the pollution it causes, but also because of the waste of its resources. In order to feed livestock, large amounts of land are required for grazing and the cultivation of grains and legumes as fodder. The feed industry, responsible for clearing more than 70% of tropical forests, has been replaced by grazing and fodder areas. In contrast, growing plant foods provide 10-21 times more protein per unit area than meat. The growth of the earth’s population requires a shift to resource-efficient food production methods. So by adopting a different diet, you can also contribute to a healthier world future.

The selection of vegan products in marketing chains is expanding, more and more vegan restaurants open up and many popular restaurants are adding vegan dishes to their menus to meet demand. increasing. Many parents, from old to young, are vegan with their children, and it’s definitely a path to explore but must be done safely, according to dietary requirements and You should also consult with your doctor to make sure you are making healthy decisions for your whole family. .



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