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Christmas of Rome: Rays, madly with a love for the city, we’ll leave once again – Chronicles

“I am passionate about my love for my city. I am proud of Rome and its people. This is a decisive Christmas in Rome, one of hope and rebirth. We must all unite together. to get rid of the pandemic together To start the pandemic, the city, the economy, the job, the Romans we will do it, because Rome is the city to love. is again an increasingly international capital and the European Uefa Euro 2020 football championship, following the appointment Rome will host, is proof that we can start all over again. So in an article Rome Virginia Mayor Raggi today is interviewed by Rds.

“2774 times wish Rome. May this be a rebirth and a turning point to give the Eternal City the value it deserves and its cultural, economic and historical greatness. It is a solemn pledge to which the Brothers of Italy pledge to honor each day with their proposals in Parliament, in institutions and on the territory, putting the capital and its future at the heart of action. our politics. Rome is a respected city not only on April 21 but also 365 days a year. We will continue to lead the decisive battle for special powers and resources and demand that in Italy’s Recovery Plan, the capital of this country is given due attention, as has been the case. big countries. These are the questions that we also asked in our meeting with Prime Minister Draghi, as they are central and necessary to build an organic vision of growth and empowerment of Rome, of Italy and above. world “. This was stated by the president of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni.

“Today we celebrate the Christmas of Rome, although we cannot celebrate it solemnly on a single day, it is an occasion to remind us of the tradition of a century. This 2774th birthday. falls into the 150th anniversary of the city’s proclamation, the capital of Italy This Christmas, we want to give the Romans a constituent phase for Rome to build a more inclusive, livable city more sustainable, proud of its national identity Redesigned the capital’s institutional structure, with direct election of the President and Council of the Capital Cities and the transformation of the Cities City. is not only possible, but also necessary. Wish Rome “. This was declared by Stefano Fassina deputy of LeU and commissioner of the Left for Rome.


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