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Christopher Lambert dark ne L’ombra del lupo e It’s not over – Tv

First a professor hunts down a scary murderous wolf and then a desperate father searching for the truth about his son’s death. Christopher Lambert returns to the screen in two dark-tinged movies. The first is ‘The shadow of the wolf’, a debut by director Alberto Gelpi and interpreted by Raniero Monaco di Lapio, Marianna Di Martino, Elisabetta De Vito, Massimiliano Vado alongside Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The Highlander’s legendary interpreter and the Subway César Prize for Subway play Professor Moreau, who will aide the protagonist Nico in a complicated story involving some disturbing murders that happened in the woods. The film, shot in Ciociaria, was streamed on Prime Video, produced by Vargo Film and distributed by Draka Distribution.

The story goes like this: Nico is a policeman who returned to his home country after many years to say goodbye to his mother, Eleonora, who was suddenly ill. On the same day, several corpses were found in the woods, on display as in a creepy warning. However, traces indicate that the murders were not carried out by human hands but by a large animal. The police believe that Nico is involved in the crime, and Nico himself begins to suspect himself, because he feels “changed”. After ransacking Eleonora’s house for some explanation, she discovered a terrible truth about her father. Thanks to Professor Moreau, an old acquaintance of the family, Nico will try to get in touch with his true nature.

Lambert, an American but French national, has never concealed a great love for Italy, will also be the main character of ‘It’s not over’, a horror film, a feature film also produced by Vargo. Filming in June in Scotland, film debut by producer and screenwriter Alessandro Riccardi and with co-stars Weronika Rosati and Gianni Capaldi. Since 1984, with international success as Tarzan in Warner Bros. ‘Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lambert has starred in nearly a hundred titles between film and television. but two milestones in his career were undoubtedly Luc Besson’s Subway, for whom he won the Cèsar Award for Best Actor and above all Highlander, by Russell Mulcahy alongside Sean Connery, in which he gave life to the immortal and deeply loved Connor MacLeod. At Marco Ferreri, he chose him for I Love You (1986) and the following year he was Salvatore Giuliano in Michael Cimino’s film Il Siciliano (1987). In 1996, Italy returned to the surreal film “Nirvana” by Gabriele Salvatores in which he played the role of Jimi.


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