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Cities in the ‘yellow’ color restart, bars and restaurants reopen – Chronicle

Six months after the last time, we went back to dinner, even when it was just outside. And it is possible to initiate free travel between the yellow regions for any reason, including tourism: it was banned before Christmas.

MILAN – Milan started back on their first day back in a ‘golden’ color, At least from the point of view of auto travel. Since before the 7th, in fact, on the ring roads and the roads leading into the center, “traffic is stable – as confirmed by the local police – with a marked increase in the number of tanks compared to the previous days.” “. On Monday, which saw the first reopening of public places and businesses closed for a while, the capital, Lombard, was probably also concerned about the possibility of public transport. of various parts in previous days, back to commuting by car. With Zone B closed but Area C active, and with yellow and blue lines relating to the parking lot may still be used freely. The public transport system appears to be stable, with trams, buses and subways with many people on board but with no specific problems. At some intersections, the turnstiles were closed for a few minutes to allow people waiting on the jetty to escape. In the metro trains, an audible announcement invites citizens who can commute after 9:30 to allow students who are in high school today will be able to go to school at rates of up to 70. %, move without crowding. At the Cadorna station, passengers on trains coming from different parts of Lombardy explained that “currently the yellow area has not yet created a larger influx of people by train – so one employee works in the middle. mind Milan -. Como today has as many people as last week “. “Right now the system is at its limit, but it works and is stable – Milan Mobility Commissioner Marco Granelli, who has been monitoring the situation in Cadorna – explains, we have There are a few blocks at the turnstiles in the transfer stations and we have some important roads on the surface where we are moving the bus. early, meaning that people were anticipating the movement. ” Surface and metro public transportation “has been maximized – the commissioner concluded – and for students there are 120 dedicated shuttle buses and tour buses”.

PIEDMONT – Piedmont returning to the yellow area, excluding Cuneo province, has to wait until Thursday 29 April to complete 14 days of orange stay according to national guidelines. In all other provinces, from this morning you can move freely, no need to obtain a certificate. The bars and restaurants are reopening, although now only outdoors, with today’s bad weather not helping either. 70% of students went back to high school, instead of 60% at the site’s request, and culture started again, with museums, cinemas and theaters reopening. In short, social life is back, with calls for caution after the crowds on the streets and in the parks.

CAMPANIA Campania’s location in the yellow zone did not bring about changes in the school life of a Naples high school student. Although Covid dl stipulates in the yellow area that direct instruction must have between 70 and 100 percent of the students, in many cities there have been a decision to continue teaching with a 50 percent presence. by taking advantage of the ability provided by the latest ordinance on school affairs of the Campania Region. Among the boys there was a bit of disappointment, especially among those less than two months away who will be facing a final exam. “Study every day for this part of the year – one student said – I think that will help us review the exam. It would be better if the exam was only going to be a verbal problem. All of this is no.” could happen in dad “. But besides those who want to change the pace even in school, the day restaurant and commercial activities start again, there are also those who believe that you can finish the school year at Dad. “Now nothing has changed us – emphasizes a third year student – the school really has space problems, there are a lot in the classroom and keeping our distance is impossible. I hope hope that in September things will be different: more people have been vaccinated and people who have used these skills to actually solve traffic problems because next year we don’t want even a day at dad “.

VENETO – “Today is a historic day, from the responsibilities of today’s organizations everyone carries personal responsibility to themselves,” said Veneto region president Luca Zaia, at ‘Start’ on SkyTg24. “This freedom of movement – Zaia repeats – is not freedom for all. Today we tend to go down, but no one has a mass of truth, falling into revival will be a zero. can come back, “he added. “Citizens have to pay attention, it’s not over yet, hopefully the novelty of the Indian variant is not a concern,” Zaia said.



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