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Clock moves forward: Deal with children

As the clock turns forward (this year on Sunday March 28), that’s obviously bad news for those who lack sleep, and if you have young kids, you’ll likely find yourself waking up as soon as they are. open eyes. That did not take into account the complete chaos that would have ensured domestic processes during the Covid-19 lockdown. I don’t know about you but our sleep schedules have soared with a later bedtime schedule and variable overtime.

Luckily, Caitlin and Ieuan are now at an age where we can negotiate with them (i.e. bribe them) to stay in their room until a vague hour (anything past 7 a.m. ). It do becomes easier, I promise you.

How to deal with small kids when the clock turns forward

I remember how difficult it was when they were kids.

While it is easier for us adults to adapt to the effects of a change on body clocks, it is less simple for our children.

I say it easier for adults, even though I used to have a friend who spent all day monitoring clock changes and asking “but what time is it really”?

Is there any way to make it easier for you?

Here are some things you can try.

Prepare yourself for a few days in advance

You may find yourself coping better by adjusting to your own sleep habits, starting a few days earlier. This might be a good time to check your bed is as comfortable as it should be and the mattress is still made.

You can try going to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each night and waking up 10-15 minutes earlier each morning. When Sunday comes, you’ll be adjusted and when the kids enter your room at 5 a.m. won’t be too shocked (hopefully!).

You can also try the same method with your child’s bedtime / wake time.

See what they eat near bedtime

We know that certain foods help us feel sleepy. For example, milk contains tryptophan that increases the amount of serotonin – a natural sedative. Eating bananas with milk also provides vitamin B6 which helps convert tryptophan into serotonin. Needless to say, sugary foods near bedtime are a must!

If your child hasn’t eaten a lot that day, you can always try a small serving of porridge (not a sugary cereal) to help deal with a few tums or even a few cheeses.

Reduce nap time

If your kids are still napping, consider reducing their naps to a quarter of an hour or so the day before to make sure they’ll get a little more tired at bedtime. If you are more brave, eliminate napping altogether, although this is not a good long-term strategy as you may find their sleep interrupted because they are too tired. A single time won’t get hurt.

Busy the day before

Plan some activities for the day before so you can go outside and get some fresh air. It’s hard to feel naturally tired if you stay indoors all day. We spoiled for Attractions near Cardiff and may be in the open countryside for about half an hour but for now, it is advisable to exercise once a day near home (don’t drive to other locations) and maintain rules of practice at the same time. away from society. I think brisk walking is the most activity we’ll ever do but there are lots of exercise videos on YouTube and of course Joe Wicks daily at 9am.

Keep your normal bedtime routine

Make sure you stick to your normal bedtime routine so that your baby can fall asleep more easily. A bath of warm water, milk and one Cozy story – all the common weapons in your sleeping arsenal should be used!

Block out the sun

When sunlight shines through the curtains, it is difficult for anyone to sleep. Good light curtains or a light liner added to your child’s bedroom curtains will really help, as well as something as simple as a Venice curtain or a rolling curtain.

Change the clock the night before

End with me saying! If you don’t change them until you wake up, there is a risk you may forget the changed times and be late to watch football / church / pub (joke!). Even if you can’t go anywhere, sticking to some routine will help you stay steady.

Don’t forget to change the clock on anything that doesn’t automatically update.

Make the most of your overtime

If you’re sure you’ll wake up earlier, why not prepare a one or two-course special breakfast like some cakes and fresh orange juice.

You can even go for an early walk or cycle. However, it will be a while before we can all go swimming again.

Yes, I know most of us will be sitting in an armchair holding a cup of coffee but the thought remains.

Go to bed a little earlier on Sunday

If all else fails, all you can do is have a little earlier Sunday evening, safe knowing that at least you won’t have to. school run. I don’t know about you though, but I quite miss it!

Here’s hoping you all have a relaxing Saturday night. Do you already know any tips for dealing with the clock fast-forward?



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