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“Collaborators disrupting private election grants have helped avoid pandemic”

Tierney Sneed for TPM:

As the global pandemic required election officials to critically rethink how voting works in 2020, charitable groups have stepped up and donated millions of dollars to pay it off. for many necessary changes to the electoral infrastructure. Officials have since said that that money – especially as Congress struggled to provide enough funding for the federal election – helped them prevent a pandemic to vote failure. Charity grants cover everything from voting equipment for temporary workers to personal protective gear and some local election offices have been looking at their 2020 budgets. double with the private capital they receive.

But in the future, that kind of private bailout for US elections may not be an option for many parts of the country, as some Republican-controlled states consider new restrictions. about whether election officials may receive charitable money in the future.

This year, Georgia and Arizona introduced proposed limits on private election funding laws, and lawmakers introduced similar measures in at least 11 other states (though some that bill was stalled or faced a veto from the Democratic governors). The backlash to charity election grants was part of a wave of legislation fueled by President Trump’s lies about his 2020 defeat.

Rick Hasen, a law professor at UC-Irvine who runs the election law blog and has written several books on election management, said: “I have no doubt that the concern stems from what happened. in the 2020 election. “Anything that made that election smooth, efficient, and clean is now the target.”

It is not clear what such bans will have any effect on organizing elections in the future. A pandemic is a once-in-a-kind emergency that has resulted in dramatic changes in the way Americans vote – stretching the already tight budgets of electoral offices across the country. All told, election regulators across the country have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in private funding, in what is reportedly a frantic dasho filled their budget loss last fall.

The sponsorship programs allow multiple election administrators to come up with what an expert at NYU’s Brennan Center described as their “dream” election. One in five local offices accepts charity donations.

Republican push to ban private elections comes after charitable donations make up part of conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election – spurred on by President Trump and coalition allies His relationship with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, had more than $ 400 million in charitable foundation in election administration grants last year.

Critics of the bill are not only a knee response to the 2020 outcome but also the basis for starving the electoral governing body coffers, which will reduce the chances of voting – especially for minority and low-income voters.



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