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Cologne de Parfum Smell Boy is all I am going to wear right away

Fragrances are the ultimate accessory. Sure, they’re an intangible thing, but in the same way a leather jacket can make you feel like you’re ready to step out into the world and a claiming hat can arouse Audrey Hepburn’s inner You, the scent you emit when you walk out the door can do the same – a musk To feel sexy, citrus scent to keep you full of energy, and limitless opportunities from there.

Boy Smells, a brand known and loved with highly aesthetically pleasing candles, smells like everything from the imagination behind a song by Kacey Musgraves to perfume’s someone you met once at a bar that you don’t remember the name of. Now, the brand that is loved by fans is launching a line of “good perfumes for gender”. Five scents initially debuted on Boy Smells’ websiteAnd, considering that the last candle they launched has sold out within the first 24 hours, we are sure they will go up fast.

Each perfume will retail for $ 98 and feature the signature combination of Boy Smells with intimate masculine and feminine notes in a 65ml glass bottle and the brand’s classic pink packaging. . The characteristic behind the brand, and especially this launch, is that the scent plays an important role in harnessing the power of the entire identity, so these scents gender neutral and gender discrimination.

While scent testing is more difficult today than walking around the fragrance stalls of our favorite stores, Boy Smells has driven its launch strategy to bring the scent here and now. now. By using vivid images and almost poetic descriptions to liven up the scent profile, the brand has created an experience that is as emotionally intimate as possible.

Scroll down to see 5 of Boy Smells signature scents

first. Pony suede, $ 98

Photo: Boy Smells

With top notes of saffron, cardamom, pineapple and plum, the scent’s motto is “Be yourself or die and let your confidence flow from within.”

Shop now: Pony suede, $ 98

2. Increase the load, $ 98

increase the load
Photo: Boy Smells

Arouse some serious self-love with the elegant and seductive combination of Turkish rose and pink pepper.

Shop now: Increase the load, $ 98

3. Violet Finish, $ 98

Photo: Boy Smells

If you’re looking for a softer scent, then the deep and sumptuous combination of violets, papyrus and tobacco, mixed with fruit rhubarb is the perfect combination of sweetness and musk.

Shop now: Violet Finish, $ 98

4. Fury, $ 98

Photo: Boy Smells

Get ready to “tell the truth” with this powerful blend of black and green popcorn with cedar and vetiver.

Shop now: Fury, $ 98

5. Virgin flowers, $ 98

Photo: Boy Smells

For a lighter fragrance, Flor de la Virgen is ready to help you with the activation sex mixology and “unlock your true self” with jasmine, musk from suede and citrus notes of grapefruit.

Shop now: Virgin flowers, $ 98

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