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Commercial Drone Alliance Applauds FAA Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Aviation Rulemaking Committee For Report To Move Drone Industry Forward – Press Releases

Newly-released Report a Significant Advancement Toward Life-saving, Sustainable and Efficiency-enhancing Drone Missions for Americans

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2022 / The Commercial Drone Alliance (CDA) thanks the FAA Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aviation Rulemaking Committee (BVLOS ARC) for its significant efforts on behalf of the American people. The Committee’s report, published by the Federal Aviation Administration last evening, is a crucial first step for making aviation safer, creating the next generation of American aerospace jobs, restoring American leadership in the skies, and unlocking the countless public benefits of 21st Century aviation technology in the United States.

Unlocking the next generation of aerospace will advance America’s progress toward sustainable transportation infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, create good aerospace jobs, improve equitable access to medicines and vaccines, enable safer and more effective critical infrastructure inspection, improve emergency response, and increase domestic manufacturing.

The commercial drone industry is at a point to scale and operationalize in the United States, as other countries have been doing around the world. However, despite being the source of leading technology and ingenuity, the United States has lagged behind the rest of the world integrating drones into the National Airspace. This is largely due to outdated rules and the federal bureaucracy’s struggle to move nimbly.

“Around the world, commercial drones are saving lives, making jobs more efficient, inspecting infrastructure at scale, and growing the economy. But here in the U.S. outdated regulations hold back these benefits by unnecessarily applying outdated standards designed for traditional aircraft. This report outlines a common-sense approach to improve the overall safety of the skies and enable American communities to realize the health, safety, convenience and economic benefits of 21st Century aviation technology,” said Lisa Ellman, Executive Director of the CDA.

The report represents an important step ahead, incorporating input and feedback from a diverse set of 87 organizations representing aviation, environmental, safety, academic, privacy, infrastructure, community, and security interests. Now it is critical for the FAA to rapidly implement and build upon these recommendations. The CDA looks forward to continuing to work with the FAA, civil society organizations, industry, states, and localities to make this possible.

About the Commercial Drone Alliance

The Commercial Drone Alliance is an independent non-profit organization led by key leaders in the commercial drone and advanced air mobility industries. The CDA brings together commercial drone end-users, manufacturers, service providers, advanced air mobility companies, drone security companies, and vertical markets including oil and gas, precision agriculture, construction, security, communications technology, infrastructure, news-gathering, and filmmaking. The CDA works with all levels of government to collaborate on policies for industry growth and seeks to educate the public on the safe and responsible use of commercial drones to achieve economic benefits and humanitarian gains.


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