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Common characteristics & ways of awakening this energy

The divine masculinity is very action-based, focused on doing than exist. Where divine femininity represents Global Motherhood, the spiritual author of Test of self-love Shannon Kaiser explain that divine masculinity is the energy of the Universal Organization. It’s all about structure, logic, and charge.

Kilkenny added that the divine masculine energy works with things like assertiveness, confidence, speaking of self and sometimes, fighting in the good fight.

As the divine feminine energy can be more passive and ready to compromise, Kilkenny notes that sometimes, “there are things in the world we need to fight for, and situations that we need to address. make a boundary in the sand about what is right or wrong. “The good man sets boundaries this way.

Similarly, this constitutes the idea of ​​strength, she added, and not only physical strength but emotional strength as well. The divine masculine energy is deeply connected with the warrior in all of us.

When the divine feminine energy can be very internal and reflective, the divine masculine energy likes to do things in the real world, like adventure, change, say what you think and take risks, she he added. It is also an energy often involved in things like logic and critical thinking.



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