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Consultation, life imprisonment is not consistent with the Constitution – Politics

One obstacle to life imprisonment is inconsistent with the Constitution but legislative action is compulsory. This was established by the Constitutional Court, giving Parliament a year.

The Council considered the legality issues raised by the Court of Cassation regarding the regimes that apply to people sentenced to life imprisonment for mafia and mafia-related crimes, who do not cooperate. to the courts and those who want conditional release. And he found – as an announcement from the Press Office announced – that the current discipline of the so-called life imprisonment completely prevented, for those who did not cooperate effectively with the court, the possibility of access to conditional release proceedings, even if his repentance is certain.

He later found that this obstructive discipline, by cooperating, became the only way for convicts to restore freedom, as opposed to Articles 3 and 27 of the Constitution and Article 3 of the Convention. Europe on Human Rights. However, the immediate acceptance of the problems risks being inconsistent with the current organized crime fighting system. Consequently, the Court decided to postpone the discussion on these matters until May 2022, to allow lawmakers to take action taking into account the special nature of crime-related crimes. Organized mafia type, and associated prison rules, and it is important to preserve the value of cooperation with justice in these cases.

Orders will be submitted in the coming weeks.


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