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The main reason for producing content in English is often because the company pursues an international market. However, this is not the only reason why English content marketing is worthwhile. Finland is increasingly an international country, and a lot of people living here speak little or no our beautiful Finnish. By translating pages into English and creating English content for English speakers living in Finland, you can stand out from the crowd.

The signs of the lost flower shop Lapinlahti are in Finnish and English

The importance of the English language is also enormous, especially in the street landscape of the metropolitan Helsinki area. You cannot walk long distances in central Helsinki without paying attention to street marketing in English. I also have personal experience of the importance of English, as my husband speaks little Finnish and often searches Google on local services on Google. Service providers with English translated pages often rank first in searches. There may also be a good niche here that sets you apart from your competitors.

How is content marketing in English different from content marketing in Finnish?

If your company is targeting international markets, the competition is completely different from in Finland. The English market has a lot to offer, which is why ranking in the search engines is so difficult. Good and poorly competitive keywords are not easy to find. That’s why it’s worth more investment in English content than Finnish content. Otherwise, it does not separate from mass. Hence, the usefulness and quality of the content is important.

English street advertising attracts attention
English street advertising in Lauttasaari

When designing content, you should think about the kind of audience you want on your page and target the content to them. Think about what would be useful and interesting for such a reader. If you even sell sneakers, reviews of sneakers and sports-related content might interest your customer base. Think of someone with an interesting and unique perspective on content production to stand out from the crowd.

Content is very important to be targeted because if you spend time, effort, and money creating content but it brings the wrong kind of audience to your page, that may not increase sales. sales of your company. Of course, even more widely shared, irrelevant types of interesting content on social media can increase revenue by reaching the right audience. But the best way to increase sales is to create content that attracts potential customers.

It is also important that the content is well-written. Even if you know English well, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can create native English content yourself for sale. If there are a lot of spelling mistakes in the text or the text is clumsy, it creates a bad picture of the company and its services. If it’s a small business and has very little money for content marketing, then I recommend it Grammarlya before publishing content. Grammarly removes obvious errors from the text and offers tips on text fluency.

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