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Corona was released from prison and returned to under house arrest – Chronicle

Fabrizio Corona came out of Monza prison and placed under house arrest. In fact, the Court of Supervision of Milan accepted the defendants’ request to suspend the enforcement of a clause he has returned to prison in recent weeks, awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on the score. this. In fact, the defense, with lawyers Antonella Calcaterra and Ivano Chiesa, appealed to the Supreme Court against an earlier provision that sent the former photographer to prison. So, as far as is known, questions raised by the defense about the mental health status of the former VIP photographer, who needs to continue his path of treatment out of prison, have been accepted.

The Milan Supervisory Court on March 11 revoked, for a series of violations of regulations, postponing a home detention sentencing issued in December 2019 to Corona because of a mental illness he I got it. The decision was fiercely contested by both the former photographer, who injured his arm, broke the ambulance glass and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for more than 10 days, and by the protection of he. Among other things, Corona went on a hunger strike for several days, first in hospital and then in prison. Now, however, the judges (another Supervisory Board) explain that the March clause was not adequately motivated and for this reason they decided to suspend the adjournment pending the Supreme Court. high judgment. In the new clause, it seems that the judges also mentioned self-injuring gestures made by the former ‘paparazzi’ in recent weeks, as well as reports by experts who participated. Proceedings and people who highlighted the need for Corona to continue in treatment path outside of prison. The suspension, among other things, was also ordered to take into account the former photographic staff’s recent acts of self-harm. In addition, the Watchdog pointed out that a request to advocate for expert opinion on Corona’s compatibility with prison detention has not been evaluated. And the judges always make clear, in essence, the need to protect health must prevail during the execution of sentences.

Sticky, back to the decision of fair house arrest – The decision of the judges of the Court of Supervision of Milan, who accepted the request of the lawyers of Corona who requested the suspension of the order that the same court canceled the domestic detention as ” fair and suitable for health uses. Jail is a very questionable solution. “This is the comment by Max Bastoni, Lega’s regional and city councilor, and secretary of the Lombard Prisoners Committee. “Health protection needs have to be given priority during the execution of the sentence. I find it serious that this fact was omitted in the first clause,” he added.


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