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Coronavirus: Protests for closure continue from Turin to Bari – Chronicle

There are still protests in various Italian cities demanding reopening and providing refreshments to areas facing pandemic crisis. In Naples, a flashy crowd of shop owners, with underwear in their hands, demanded to reopen the door. In the square there are also traders from the fields of fashion, jewelry and sportswear. ‘Underwear do not transmit Covid while clothes, shoes and jewelry do’, was one of the slogans of the protesters.

Farmers also demonstrated in various squares in Italy. From Turin to Bari, the accusation has been excluded from any form of refreshment. The seasonal workers also protested.

In some tourist areas, tourism workers took to the streets, one of those most affected by the pandemic shutdowns. “There’s no more time, we don’t need much more words, we ask for the certainty of vaccines, plan a reboot, to be able to work with dignity and safety”: say aloud Today from the Piazza Tasso stage in Sorrento (Naples), in an event to protest the uncertainty of tourism workers, Giulia Riva represents the tour guides. But you’re not just asking for certainty and vaccines for everyone, from people working in tourism to citizens. “We are tired of being ignored, we want to work with dignity, rights and security”: a request expressed today by travel operators and staff during a demonstration in Forio ( Naples), on the island of Ischia, was held concurrently with Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento.


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