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Cortellesi as rebel Anima 22 in Pixar – Cinema

(ANSA) – ROME, April 21 – A new Pixar Animation Studios short film uncovers the suspicious Anima 22, known in Soul long before she met Joe Gardner. In 22 Against the Earth, available on Disney + from April 30, Paola Cortellesi returns to Anti-World to once again lend her voice to her lively and sarcastic spirit 22. Set in front of events. Event by Soul, the original short directed by Kevin Nolting, Pixar’s 21 years of veteran experience. “During the making of Soul, we talked about why a new soul didn’t want to live on Earth, but not in the end about that movie,” Nolting said. “22 Against Earth is an opportunity to discover some unanswered questions about why 22 is so skeptical.
Being a rather skeptical person herself, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. In the short film, 22 defied the Anti-World rules and refused to descend to Earth, recruiting another group of five new souls in his rebellion attempt. However, while their actions lead to unexpected results, 22’s subversive plan could lead to a staggering revelation of the meaning of life. “Nolting said.” The other new souls are just like 22 years old before choosing another path: simply naive, like the white pages guided by consultants on a journey that is hardly surprising. to the gate on the ground. In this, 22 sees an opportunity and tries to guide them in their own way of thinking “(ANSA).


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