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Covid: draft decree, returning the yellow area. ‘Green certified’ with vaccine or cotton swab – Policy

The yellow zones are back and the “certified green” comes to travel between the Regions. This is what we read in a draft, still changeable, of the Covid decree slated for tomorrow’s CDM. The measures, starting April 26 as predicted by the government last week, will be in effect until July 31st. In fact, up to this date, Covid’s extension of emergency should be arranged.

Here comes the “green certification” for travel between regions of different colors. The draft Covid law decree provides for this. The certificate can be paper or digital and will be valid for six months for those who have been vaccinated and for those who have recovered from Covid’s disease: for those who have completed the full immunization cycle. , the certificate will be issued by the medical facility performing the administration; for those who are cured they are discharged from the hospital, a general practitioner or a pediatrician. Certifications, on the other hand, will be valid for 48 hours for those who have already performed molecular or antigen tests, issued by medical facilities or pharmacies.

From April 26, restaurants will reopen in the yellow area for lunch and dinner “open-air only” while from June 1, restaurants with indoor spaces will It is open but serves lunch only. This is foreseen by the draft decree to be released tomorrow on the CDM, where the curfew is confirmed from 22 to 5 a.m. The draft also stipulates the opening of outdoor pools, markets and shopping centers in the yellow zone from May 15 also on public holidays, from June 1 for gyms, from July 1 for fairs, conferences and congresses, spa and amusement park.
Also from April 26, in the yellow zone, concerts are open to the public at theaters, concert halls, movie theaters, live clubs and in other venues or spaces, even outdoor lice “can only be performed with” pre-designated seats “with a minimum distance of one meter: the capacity should not exceed 50% of the maximum, but with a maximum of 1,000 outdoor spectators and 500 spectators d sports competition not exceeding 25% and not exceeding 1000 outdoor spectators and 500 indoor spectators.

High schools will be able to adopt “flexible forms of organizational teaching activities” to ensure a presence of “at least 50% and maximum 75% of students” in the red zone, while the Teaching in the yellow and orange sides must ensure “at least 60% and up to 100% of the students”. And the draft Decree to be released in the CDM tomorrow is predictable. The terms, the text continue, “cannot be waived by the rules of the presidents of the Regions” except under “special and particularly serious” cases by Covid.

Considering the epidemiological and overload scenarios of local services and hospitals, the Science and Technology Committee gave a favorable opinion on extending the emergency to July 31. . CTS spokesman Silvio Brusaferro said the renewal needed was “to better address containment measures and support the vaccination campaign that now sees fragile segments of the population as a priority target. “.



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