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Covid: exhibitors on the streets of 21 cities. Restaurant blocking A1, ‘we want to reopen’. Tense Moments in Rome – Economy

A group of restaurant owners, under the acronym ‘Tutela Nazionale Imprese’, blocked traffic by breaking into the driveway at Orte Highway (northbound), on A1 Street. Protesters demanded “reopen activities” in the face of restrictions provided by anti-Covid measures, complaining about “the difficulties the industry is facing”. Protesters protested by walking between the cars lined up that were stopped by random sitting. Among the slogans were chanted: “Freedom against dictatorship”.

Hundreds of participating merchants sit at the Maximus Circus “One-for-All” organized by associations: Rome più bella, Ihn (Italian hotel network), Tni Italia (National protection of the company) and Lupe Roma. The first to arrive was the owner of the Maremma restaurant, who hung broken orange and yellow underwear with a thread that read: “The color of Italy made us wear underwear but that’s enough. “. They are from Sicily, from Enna, Piombino and Crema. Representatives of industrial laundries, chefs and kitchen assistants wear traditional kitchen hats. There is also the Italian artist movement from Tuscany. Their mottos, which are rhythmically repeated, are “Work, work” and “Re-open, re-open”.

The tense moment at Circo Massimo was joined by merchants from all over Italy. A group of protesters left the base to try to advance to Palazzo Chigi but the police stopped them. To make the group give up their intentions, a group of protesters also reiterated that they “did not want to act violently”.

A delegation of five people, including the merchants’ demonstrators, will be welcomed at Palazzo Chigi. Supporters themselves said this from the stage, also triggering a negative reaction among those who viewed a collective ‘march’ as ​​more offensive for Palazzo Chigi.

Exhibitors performed in squares in 21 Italian cities, from Florence to Naples and Genoa, at the same time the Fipe-Confcommercio extraordinary meeting was held at the Piazza San Silvestro, in Rome. “We’re here to ask that we can get up,” said Alessandro Cavo, a young operator connected from Genoa -. Falling down, too much promise of refreshment without. has come. “

“I work from 6pm to late night, since they closed, my revenue is 20%, my employees are fired, they work and work even late, i tried support them as much as possible, but now it has been difficult for me, too, said Matteo Musacchi, president of Fipe’s young business association, owner of a Ferrara cocktail bar and restaurant – said . work 15 hours a day first “.

From the stage in Rome not long before he pressed the authorities, recalling that “yesterday the pub was reopened and they told him a month earlier”. “I don’t need – he added – the reassurance” we’ll plan to open up “, I need to know when I’ll reopen”.

“We want to safely reopen, because the response to the emergency with just ‘more shutdown’ is now an unsustainable option from an economic and social standpoint.” So Confcommercio’s president, Carlo Sangalli, speaks at the meeting of the FIPE (Italian Federation of Industrial Businesses) held at the Piazza San Silvestro in Rome. “We have invested in sanitation – Mr. Sangalli said – we have accepted the rules of distance, we have strengthened alliances with consumers, we have protected partnerships. Its members and everything to be able to function safely “. “We are committed to non-refundable compensation – he stressed – these compensation are not enough and need to be strengthened for dignity and justice.” “We’re committed in the long term to move all those costs, currently unsustainable, on businesses. I’m thinking local taxes and taxes. I’m thinking finance. I’m thinking.” rent. I’m thinking of the “bills.” Sangalli explained.

As the exhibitors’ assembly square in Rome was demobilized, he pulled out a small hammer and began smashing the plates and glass, drawing the attention of those present. “These are our pieces of the puzzle. I broke my working tools, if they don’t force me to reopen I don’t need them anymore.” Moreno, a restaurant owner in Tuscan, thus expressed his bitterness towards anti-Covid restrictions. The man then tore off a tablecloth he had carried in his pocket, adding that it would no longer be needed. When the demonstration ended, he put everything away and armed with a broom, cleaning up debris.

According to Fipe, 30 thousand companies will close by 2020, many companies may close this year. “The women we were in an emergency did not stop for a moment, and now we are ready to reopen,” said food businessman Valentina Piccabianchi. “Our field – Maurizio Pasca, Apulian entertainment entrepreneur and president Silb recalls – has been closed for 14 consecutive months since February 23 of last year, except for small parentheses for venues. outdoors may reopen in summer.30% close permanently, another 40% plan to close if it doesn’t reopen this summer.Our areas are criminalized, they’re I am considered the pandemic contagious, but we closed it on August 17th and the infection started to rise again in October. We don’t understand the stereotypes about a sector socialization and worth 2 billion a year “.



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