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Covid: Gb, £ 5,000 for those trying to leave without reason – Europe

The ban has been in place in recent months against Britons – due to the anti-Covid third country embargo – traveling abroad has become law, except for necessary and justifiable reasons. In fact, this sign was included in the pandemic emergency powers expansion legislation submitted by the Boris Johnson government to Congress yesterday, as the UK press stressed today. on the first anniversary of the first national embargo was imposed on the exact island. March 23, 2020.

The law states, in both black and white form, a huge £ 5,000 fine for anyone trying to leave the UK for any foreign destination without “good cause”. And that is part of a more general border tightening (including mandatory preventive quarantine in supervised hotels against anyone returning to the Channel from the thirty most at-risk countries). launched by the Tory government to try to limit the risk of importing or re-importing the most frightening variants of the coronavirus, after attempting to keep the number of deaths and hospitalizations among the lowest in the country. recent months due to the latest infection wave fueled by the so-called English variant: a wave is currently raging in different continental European countries like Germany.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Ministers of the Interior and Health, Priti Patel and Matt Hanckock, have repeatedly pointed out that “illegal” travel is not justified by severe need to and from the Kingdom since. since the start of the third embargo.

The Covid pandemic had a “huge” cost and was one of the “most difficult periods in UK history”. The British Prime Minister wrote this in a message commemorating the one-year anniversary of the number one ban imposed on the island from March 23, 2020, once again arousing caution in gradually exiting current detention, third country, which the government has established on a conditional period route from April 12 to no earlier than June 21. In the text, Johnson extended “his condolences. to all those who have lost loved ones “. And at the same time it highlights the “great spirit” that “our country has faced in the past year”: reiterating, among other things, the role of “nurses and emergency service personnel. , the work of developing and distributing vaccines “or even just the contributions of those who” stop the spread of the virus by staying at home “. “Thanks to the help of each one – Prime Minister Tory concludes – that lives have been saved, the NHS (the national health service) has been protected and we have begun a cautious easing plan. limited once for all “.


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