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Covid, more than 15 million infections in India – News from Kazakhstan

In India, more than 15 million cases have occurred since the beginning of the pandemic In India, a peak of new infections with 273,810 new cases in 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic to more than 15 million, making the country second only to the United States in terms of levels. spread. virus. The Guardian reports it. The number of victims also continued to rise: 1,619 people died on the last day, out of a total of 178,769 people since the pandemic began.

– Venezuela managed to unlock funds abroad and buy vaccines – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that his government has managed to release a blocked amount abroad and pay the entire Venezuelan quota to the WHO Covax system of $ 120 million, allowing water This received 11 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to vaccinate 20% of the population. A few days ago, Venezuela’s executive vice president, Delcy Rodriguez announced the payment of the first 50% of the outstanding amount owed to Covax for the amount of 59.2 million Swiss francs. At the end of his speech, Maduro once again wanted to criticize the worldwide vaccine delivery system. “Due to the geopolitical war over vaccines – he argues – rich countries have amassed 87% of the world’s produced vaccines, while more than 150 countries are almost empty handed due to hoarding.” This is “pandemic management savage capitalism.”

Australia-New Selanda reopens the ‘bubble’ – The first flights to New Zealand left Sydney, which has now been reunited with mainland Australia in a ‘bubble’ allowing residents to travel without having to undergo a lengthy quarantine spell. Some families will be hugged again after more than a year apart. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: “This is an important and exciting day for family and friends, who praised both countries’ success in suppressing the virus enough to allow the establishment of an The first sign of a return is expected. to be normal. The opening ceremony of the ‘bubble’ was directly monitored by the main media of the two countries with photos and interviews. Wellington Airport has a large print welcome sign. Australia was New Zealand’s main source of international tourism before the pandemic, accounting for about 1.5 million or 40% of total visitors in 2019.

Argentina, the Baires Court rejects the closure of schools by Covid – A Buenos Aires court ruled against the suspension of face-to-face classes in schools in the Argentine capital, which had been ordered by the president to try to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. The court found that the ordinance “would directly undermine the city of Buenos Aires and its police power”, an argument supported by parent organizations by Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, mayor of the city. the capital and rival of President Alberto Fernandez. “The justice of Buenos Aires, a local jurisdiction, announced the suspension of a national government’s medical measure – Justice Minister Martin Soria on twitter – but clearly incompetent to solve the problem. resolves federal affairs. This legal fraud has only one explanation, and that is politics. “Prosecutors, judges and city governments are responsible for the health consequences of this decision,” he added. Fernandez announced Wednesday night, among other medical measures, the suspension of classes in the presence, starting today and for two weeks, in Buenos Aires and the suburbs where 1 / Three out of 45 million Argentines live.

Hong Kong stops flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines pOh two weeks – The Hong Kong government has decided to suspend flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines starting Tuesday, April 20, considering these countries “extremely high risk” after a series of cases. first discovered coronavirus variants imported on the island. time. This was stated in a statement by the Hong Kong authorities. Yesterday, 30 new cases of tapeworms were discovered in the city, 29 were imported and this is the highest number of new infections recorded in a day since March 15 of last year.



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