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Covid: opposed to the flare up gym, 20% reopened despite fine – Chronicle

30% of gyms will no longer reopen after a year of pandemic shutdown. However, since last Tuesday, something has changed, after the rally at Piazza Montecitorio in Rome, in which there were also fights, Many owners of sports facilities have decided to reopen despite anti-Covid decrees, which will be 20%. This is what emerged from the National Association of Gyms and Sports Workers (Anpals) estimates. Anpals President Giampiero Guglielmi told ANSA: “Going to parks, taking public buses, and going to a pharmacy is more susceptible to infection than going to the gym.”
The only conspicuous refreshment comes to sports staff, instructors, technicians, coachesi – continued by the president of the National Association of Exercise and Sports Workers (ANPALS) Giampiero Guglielmi -, sports facilities lost 150-200 thousand euros but received 6-7 thousand euros in prize money thirsty, not even enough for Guglielmi to comment: “I know it’s illegal – Guglielmi said – but I couldn’t help but put myself in the shoes of owners of sports facilities who no longer have to feed a family.
Most of them have nothing to lose, they will accept administrative sanctions in order to return to work. “But how do the staggering numbers of the pandemic reconcile with the reopening of the gym?” – we cannot recognize infections, because the rules of the protocols presented by CTS are very strict: to get to the gym you have to book in advance, so there are no crowds, You measure the fever, you leave your personal data in a register ”.


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