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COVID patient, family asking for oxygen at Indian hospital | Indian News

The world’s worst coronavirus surge has left Indian hospitals grappling with a lack of beds, medications and medical oxygen.

The coronavirus infection rate in India, which is growing at the fastest rate in the world, causes families and patients to beg for oxygen outside of hospitals, and loved ones cry on the streets as their loved ones die while waiting for something. treatment.

The country of nearly 1.4 billion people set a global record for the number of new infections daily for the fifth consecutive day on Monday.

350,179 new cases have pushed India’s total 17 million cases in the past, behind only the United States. The Ministry of Health reported that the number of deaths increased by 2,812 over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 195,123, although the number is believed to have not been fully counted.

Most hospitals in India are not equipped with independent plants that generate oxygen directly to patients, mainly because they require a constant supply of electricity, a rarity in many states.

Therefore, hospitals often rely on liquid oxygen, which can be stored in cylinders and transported in cryogenic tankers. But amid the rise, supplies in severely affected places like New Delhi are in serious shortages.

The lack of oxygen has become so severe that a Sikh church in New Delhi has begun hosting free shared bottle breathing sessions for COVID-19 patients waiting for their beds.

They arrive in their own car, on foot or a tricycle, desperate with a mask and tube attached to precious oxygen tanks outside the “gurdwara”, a place of worship for the Sikhs, where the promise is made. give free oxygen to the patient until they can be admitted to the hospital.

Volunteer groups test the oxygen levels of newly arrived patients and provide what they need after the gurdwara started the initiative on Thursday. By Friday night, they had seen more than 700 patients come to the clinic, The Hindu newspaper reported.

Dozens of COVID-19 patients died in hospitals in the Indian capital amid opinions of low oxygen supplies being the cause.

Doctors took to social media to beg public authorities to supply them, and the government mobilized to provide oxygen by train, plane and truck.

The federal government told the Delhi Supreme Court last week that demand for oxygen from hospitals nearly tripled to 8,000 tons. India’s total production is 7,500 tons of oxygen per day.

“The biggest challenge is getting oxygen to where it is urgently needed,” said Saket Tiku, president of the All India Industrial Gas Producers Association.



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