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Covid: Sileri, it is still early to lift the curfew but is unable to reverse the reopening – Chronicle Oct 6 ’12 at 21:19

Italy is aiming to reopen as soon as April 26 but some warnings come from experts. The numbers – emphasize Health Minister Pierpaolo Sileri was interviewed by the press – they are not good enough to break the limits and it is too early to lift the curfew. But he’s confident and sure Re-opening cannot be changed: we will no longer have to worry about closing down as the vaccination campaign progresses.

Sileri urged not to run during curfew and added that putting the R0 below 0.8 would more than allow lightening. But now the incidence of these infections is still high.

Three possibilities for getting the card: vaccination, a swab in the past 48 hours or having had a fallopian tube in the previous six months.

When it subsides, it is normal for the disease to restart and there is a risk of an outbreak again, but we have early warning systems for immediate intervention. Gianni Rezza, head of the Department of Preventive Medicine and a member of the Cts, explained this to Repubblica. The acceptable risk for an epidemiologist is zero – he states – for an economist it could be 100 and for those who have had to shut down a business, it may even be. higher. “Finding a synthesis is legal to politics, and the next two to three weeks will be very important,” he said. He then said that the saliva tests can be quickly green-lit: ‘they are now as reliable as swabs’.


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