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Covid: Similarly, supporting tenders for companies in crisis – Chronicle

Ensure that companies that have encountered Covid emergencies, with a drop in sales and orders, will not be penalized in public bids. For this reason, ANAC offers a series of proposals on bid preparation, with the law unchanged, to facilitate maximum participation. “We want to encourage contracting agencies to use all the flexibility allowed by the Public Contract Rules,” said President Giuseppe Busia.

“The crisis has reduced companies’ revenues, and public credit is not an obstacle, but a tool that allows them to thrive again,” Busia added. use all levers in this direction. ”The National Anti-Corruption Agency’s proposal for tender preparation relates to economic, financial, and technical prerequisites Due to an ongoing medical emergency – according to a note by the National Anti-Corruption Agency – some manufacturing sectors have experienced a significant decline in revenue due to non-service provision. This may have a limited impact on future bid participation as the minimum annual turnover is one of the factors that contracting agencies may require to justify competency requirements. economics and finance.

Therefore, ANAC recommends that contracting stations, as required by the Code, carefully assess the need to justify these requirements through owning at least annual sales for the preceding three-year period. when bidding, covering 2020 and 2021, contracting agencies assume proof of an annual minimum revenue is required, so that the required turnover value is less than the maximum required by law. allowed, ie doubling the auction’s starting price. Regarding the technical capabilities of companies, the Authority, noted that failure to provide services could also affect the demonstration of key services performed in the past three years, reiterating that, to ensuring the right level of competition, government contractors may foresee in notices that “evidence regarding materials or services provided or performed more than three years prior will be considered” , as required by the Public Contract Code.


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