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Covid: Towards a new, gradual, open-door decree under consideration – Politics

Contagion data will guide every decision, but Covid’s new decree law from 7 April could give the first signs of reopening, starting with schools. This is what takes place from ministry sources, as the discussion within government has yet to come to life. From Palazzo Chigi they ensured that Draghi’s meeting today with representatives of the CTS and minister Roberto Speranza was served. to review the epidemiological curve and not lead to any decision, in a limited or open sense. Only the data that will appear in the next few days will lead, next week, to decide on new measures.

The government is also thinking about some standardized rules that should be shared at the national level in the immunization campaign. Consequently, some sources say that it is unlikely that the new decree will limit itself from extending a decree to take effect today. The factory shouldn’t be sad but the intention to initiate the gradual opening process was pointed out today by Economy Minister Daniele Franco. There are no signs of the measures yet, but all eyes are on the school: there is enormous pressure to return to class for all students in sixth grade and up, even in the red zone. But the government felt pressure from those considering the new restrictive measures adopted by Angela Merkel and hypothesized that the stern line would guide government options as well in April.

The curve for coronavirus cases in Italy – meanwhile – appears to have decreased slightly in recent days, but victims are still very much, 551 people in 24 hours, never so many since May 19. 1, when they were 603. The Government assessed the gradual changes in the Measures after Easter, according to what happened, when the ordinance decree made the holidays in the red zone for everyone to expires April 6.

Meanwhile, some regions in semi-lock mode hope to have orange ‘windows’ ahead of Easter, with Lombardy and Lazio leading the way., review monitoring weekly on Friday. “We think that after Easter, the situation will gradually improve – Economy Minister Daniele Franco said – and then we will gradually move towards a more normal situation in May and June: this. thanks to the availability of vaccines and the help from warmer seasons. “.

Among the main topics are travel, but above all school, with closures and distance learning putting students and families on the challenge. Some ministers called for reopening with a presence also in the red zone, until sixth grade. “We worked day and night to be able to reopen,” said Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi, recalling that he had asked, also in the Council of Ministers, that the first schools to open. back door, as soon as possible, in safe condition. , “starting with the little ones, the ones who have to be the first to return.” “School will be the first to reopen as the situation spreads. At least keep going until sixth grade,” said Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “Evaluate the reopening in the red zone at least of kindergartens and elementary schools”, Equal Opportunity Minister Elena Bonetti asked yesterday.

“No decision has yet been made at this time – Minister Speranza told the White Paper, responding to a question about the possibility of a small renewal of the decree already in effect – we will discuss in the coming days and We did have curve analysis today but we did not discuss noodles and no decision to go in this direction. ” Speranza also reminded the Regions to respect the national vaccine plan, which has been all approved, to establish the order of types (health workers and RSA and people over 80 years of age). Okay, he added, to Sputnik if it will be approved by the agencies.



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