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Covid: Turin street vendors protested, the parade was also in Pistoia – Chronicle

Morning protests from Turin market food vendors against the prolonged shutdown with respect to the anti-Covid regulations. Among the events, the one held in Santa Rita also has the participation of many store owners, including those in the open business. “We were all needed,” the sign on the banner was waved off by the protesters, about sixty in all; “We want to work,” the slogan is repeated. “We can’t wait anymore”. The protesters met with Onsite Commerce City Councilman Alberto Sacco. “I was here at 8am – he said – I hope you can reopen as soon as possible. Your situation is clear to us, I understand and I sincerely hope that we can.” back to commitment. We have forwarded all your matters and recommended to the Heads for Government concern. ” Sacco was interrupted for a moment by some street vendors shouting “we can’t get there, we die first”, then he could finish his speech. “Our powers are limited, Rome decided,” added the commissioner. The protest, under police control, partially blocked Corso Orbassano. Protests continued throughout the morning with a procession on the streets and squares of the neighborhood. Many solidarity signs were hung over the shop windows with permission to open, instead the shutters were lowered. “Behind every closed store – one said – there is a family that has no money to support children. Our business ensures clean streets, we pay taxes on schools, on vehicles, for retirement “.

“You are an example, a kind of person whose responsibility is only asking for one right: to work.” Hence, President of the Piedmont Region, Alberto CandleMeeting at Piazza Galimberti, in the center of Cuneo, non-food vendors in the markets. “It’s right to ask for certain points and timing – the governor of Piedmontese adds – instead of policy and refreshments, it’s better to cancel a year of taxes. I’ll meet Prime Minister Mario Draghi. and present his request “.

The street vendor protests are also at Piazza Duomo in Pistoiawhere they set up a fake bazaar with their trucks, but with no goods on display, to protest not reopening markets in the red zone. “Our request was to be functional – Antonio Gualtieri, the spokesperson for the Pistoia market vendors – explained – since the refreshment spots are not enough and not everyone is coming, so we have to. ‘open the door, so it’s not clear why we have to close the door’. As for Gualtieri, “the problem, related to the new job, is the people who changed the company or those who had previously been shut down for another reason, didn’t get anything. For example, I is one of them: in 2019 I rented a license for my wife, in 2020 I got it back, so for the sake of refreshment it seems that I have no income in 2019 and 2020 so i don’t get it nothing. ”Another front is tax that has not been frozen.” I, like many others – concluded Gualtieri -, I paid 8 thousand INPS euros and then all other taxes, unfortunately not. suspended. Only a few municipalities have tax suspensions or for only a month or two. But everything else comes at the same price as it did before a pandemic. ”

“There will be openings, especially from May, maybe something should be able to reopen as early as April 20,” he said. GelminiThe Minister for Regional Affairs and joint state autonomy in the wedding and private event sector organized by Unanime, a coalition that brings together associations in the field.



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