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Create a rustic look for your living space – Beth Owen

You may be forgiven for thinking that the only way to decorate your home right now is with white

metal walls, geometrical artwork and lights. After all, minimalism is all rage on the platforms

Instagram, where influencers and celebrities show off their spotless beautiful homes. that is

Easily feels that the only way to have a fashion home is to adhere to these ideals even if it does

does not match with your own personal style. Don’t listen to these urges! Your home is your own space, and

There are many ways to turn it into a stunning, stylish pad that suits your personality and job

is a place for your family to grow. A great style choice avoids the clinical look of minimalism

Home is going the other way and giving your home the rustic charm of a cozy little home, even if you live in

in the middle of a city.


One of the best ways to create a rustic feel is to use specific materials to create a cozy yet cozy atmosphere.

it works for both hot and cold weather, adds great texture and it is still a high quality fabric that you will

take pride in your home. Consider where these materials can be placed

It’s like upholstery, throw, cushion, curtains, or wall hanging. A couple of factors are streamlined

The fabric can be the difference between a simple room and a cozy rustic living space. When it comes

Harder elements and furniture, you should always default to using wooden options for that rustic

look. Old wooden furniture can add excitement and class to any room.

AccessoriesThere are many different accessories that you can add to the room to give the room a rustic look. For example, use French style curtain column will instantly bring characters into your window, transforming them something out of the ordinary. Overall, the little accents of metal are a great way to complete a room. If you are transforming your kitchen, take a look at the brass taps or a statement copper kettle joint and elevate your décor to whole new territories. A rustic look is all about interplay between Materials, colors, and textures, so capturing these contrasts using accessories is a great way to Experiment and have fun with this style.


Color is a really important part in creating the atmosphere of any room. For a rustic country vibe, you want to appeal to creams and pale shades, but never too stand out. For example, one white shade will be much softer than a pure, vibrant white that can disrupt a room too much and make it feel too modern. Your brighter wall colors will work best when they’re offset with darker wood and wood, so you get a stunning contrast that evokes country life while remaining stylish.



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