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Cultural epidemic: The way Covid-19 attacked Europe’s creative sector

COVID19 is changing the European Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) well. This is 27 pages long report released by Ernst & Young (EY) in January 2021 and commissioned by the European Group of Writers and Composers Associations (GESAC) can be briefly summarized. The report describes both the characteristics of European CCI as well as the overall impact of COVID-19 on CCI. So, what exactly is CCI?

This is an industry and economic portfolio that brings together the following disciplines: Visual Arts, Music, Audiovisual, Performing Arts, Advertising, Architecture, Books, Newspapers and Magazines, Video Games Industry and Radio. There are a few fundamental facts that may not have been reported in the past few years: CCI accounts for a staggering 4.4% of the European economy when the added economic value is measured as a share of the European economy. Overall GDP. Figure 1 shows absolute values ​​in billions of Euros for different sectors of the European economy.

Somehow, it’s amazing to see that CCI has a greater impact on our economy, compared with sectors related to Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, Textiles, Leather and Pants. Austria, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Chemical, Oil and gas exploitation, High-tech goods, Pharmaceutical and high-tech goods. According to EY, in 2019, the core activities of culture and creativity employed 7.6 million people in the EU. From 2013 to 2019, the workforce in CCI grew at a 1.9% growth rate, higher than the 1.3% holding average of the economy as a whole. As Figure 2 shows, by the end of 2019, CCI was recruiting more people than the auto or chemical industries.

In CCI, there are only four areas providing jobs for more than a million people, they are: Visual Arts, Music, Audiovisual and Performing Arts. The latter accounts for nearly 70% of the 7.6 million people mentioned above (see figure 2). In addition to value, CCI represents within the European economy in terms of added value and job potential, one …



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