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Dared Aunt is also the main character at the theater – Theater

The weekend will be under the banner of Dante and World Stage Day, arriving on stages that are still digital, including the web, TV, radio and social media.
Among the facts not to be missed, there was an unusual woman “The Man with Flowers in the Mouth” along with Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere and Vinicio Marchioni to search for Chekhov, between Russia and Italy injured by the earthquake. .
ROME – It begins immediately under the banner of Dante, 700 years after his death and above all Dared Aunt, on the 25th of March the world commemorates the day that, according to scholars, the Poet begins journey into the underworld. The 25th canto of Paradise is read by Roberto Benigni at Quirinale and on Rai1 at 19.10, in the presence of Republican President Sergio Mattarella and Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. But there is also “One hundred days with Dante” and with historic voices of Italian theater, who read Divine Comedy in the recording of the National Theater of Genoa, in the podcast on the Rai Radio3 website. Also on the 25th, on the occasion of the restoration of Dante’s cenotaph at the Basilica of Santa Croce, Monica Guerritore read the triplets from Canto I of Hell and Canto XXXIV of Purgatory for Tuscany Theater, while from 9pm on the Teatro della Pergola’s social network, in the Nuda Voce six poets, coordinated by Sauro Albisani, claims to be Divine Comedy. From the capital, the Vittoria Theater offers streaming of the play “Dante and Rome” with Stefano Messina.
MILAN – There are only two performers, Cristina Crippa and Alessandro Bruni Ocaña, who mingle with their characters (and bring many others back to life). A family history, spanning in the 20th century, from Pogrom Russia to fascist Italy, from the Allende and Pinochet of Chile to Sweden. It was with “L’acrobata”, a show by Elio De Capitani from Laura Forti’s text, Elfo Puccini celebrating World Theater Day, on Rai5 on Saturday March 27 at 9.15pm and Sunday. 28 at 16. In the play, the Florentine Writer he recreated the tragic and adventurous life of his cousin José, known as Pepo in the family and Commander Ernesto (in honor of Che Guevara ) by his teammates. An upcoming novel is a tribute to Pepo’s mother and all the women who, like her, have lost a child because she chose death for an ideal.
ROME – Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere premieres March 25 on TvLoft’s “All scene-The Theater in the room” live stream with a new piece of text from “The Man with a Flower in His Mouth” by Luigi Pirandello. An unusual female version in the monologue, from original pages and text captions depicting the personality of the wife who survives and faces her husband’s death. A spouse listened to philosophy all his life.
L’AQUILA – On World Stage Day March 27, Vinicio Marchioni arrived at Nexo + with “Earthquake in Vanya, in search of Č̌echov”, his documentary and personal tribute to the theater , directed by him, with Toni Servillo’s storyteller. At the center, journey, ten years after the earthquake destroyed L’Aquila and three years after the Amatrice earthquake, after rehearsals and tour of the show taken from “Zio Vanya” through Italy and landmarks of Russian writers. There are also Francesco Montanari, Milena Mancini, Lorenzo Gioielli, Alessandra Costanzo, Nina Torresi, Nina Raia, Andrea Caimmi and special participation of Andrej Konč̌alovskij, Gabriele Salvatores, Fausto Malcovati and Letizia Russo.
LATISANA (UD) – Cristian Giammarini and Giorgio Lupano bring back to stage one of Edoardo Erba’s luckiest essays, “New York Marathon”, streamed free from the Odeon stage, at 9 p.m. on Friday March 26 on the social network of Ert Fvg.
Nearly sixty minutes of running, head and diaphragm, breathing intermittently, cramping and grinding teeth, with two friends, Mario, a crooked run and a sweater, is now gone, and Steve, an expert runner The world’s toughest and sexiest marathon runner.
MILAN – Again on March 27, Carcano opened on Saturday afternoons under the banner of Shakespeare, in his unusual trilogy in a one-performer version, born from the experience of project “Tournée da bar”. The first date was with “Riccardo III”, one of the best Bardo villains, in the post-industrial and urban script directed by Riccardo Mallus, with Davide Lorenzo Palla as the main character. “Otello” and “Il merciful di Venezia” will continue, on April 3 and 10, always streamed online on Teatro Carcano’s Youtube channel. (HANDLING).



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