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Dating lunch with Laurent Stevenart of the plant-based burger company Impossible Foods

Food Impossible Products first appeared in Asian restaurants three years ago, but only recently have plant meat been available to customers at major grocery stores in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Their mission is to provide meat lovers with the most delicious plant-based meats, thereby alleviating negativity. environmental impact caused by the animal meat industry.

During the recent NewCampus Power session, Laurent Stevenart, Singapore Country Manager at Impossible, shared how the sustainable food company can successfully launch its product in the Asia Pacific region.

Here are some highlights (condensed and edited for clarity) from our chat with Stevenart.

How did you localize your products for the Asian market?

We always try super localization product as much as possible, by staying away from the so-called ‘100% burgers company’ and by finding new ways to incorporate our products into local dishes to resonate best for local consumers and influential chefs. This allows local consumers to cook their favorite local dishes from the comfort of their home.

Additionally, to maximize growth in a new market, we aim to continuously expand our presence in the food service industry, starting with restaurants. As you may know, we are working with Burger King in the US. Back home in Singapore we worked with local favorites like Mos Burger, Srisun Express, Springleaf Prata and Swensens.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

I don’t really like comparing myself to competitors because at this stage we all want to achieve the same thing, that’s down. environmental impact of animal meat. Our real competition is the environmentally damaging animal meat industry.

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Our main USP is heme, making the meat taste like meat. Heme is an iron-containing molecule found in all living organisms, used by us as a catalyst to release the taste of meat. Impossible Foods is the only plant-based meat company to use heme and that’s why meat lovers love our products so much.

How have you narrowed down your ideal consumer?

Our number one target audience is meat-eaters who make up at least 90% of the world’s population, and there are two reasons for this.

First, from a sustainable perspective, vegetarians and vegans have been doing their part in helping the planet because they did not eat animal meat during this period. We are chasing people who actually eat meat from factory farms.

The second reason is easier to understand and comes from a business point of view – that we want to impact 90% of the population as meat eaters rather than 10% vegetarians and vegans.

How do you influence people to switch to plant-based meats?

So the top reason people turn to plant-based meat like ours is almost always for taste. For nine out of 10 consumers, tasting is trust. Our team of scientists have been trying to figure out what makes meat taste like meat and we are producing plant-based alternatives that offer similar consumer satisfaction.

Another thing we noticed is younger generation there is an increasing awareness of the environmental harms caused by the traditional way of producing animal meat and it works. Entering any market can be a challenge given regulatory approvals.

However, when entering a market, we realize today that price is perhaps the biggest hurdle for everyday consumers. That’s why we’ve been constantly looking for ways to lower prices – since then, we’ve been dropping our food service prices by 30% over the past 12 months. We’ll try to reduce the price, but it’s also a question of size.

As you probably know, we can only get a reasonable discount as we grow, right? The good news is we’re growing. So the more we grow, the more prices will fall, making it easier for consumers to switch their diet to plant-based meat.

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