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Davidovich Bakery stands behind employees after racist woman is arrested on video – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Indignation is increasing on one The woman’s racism captured on video over the weekend at a bakery in Manhattan.

Now, Davidovich Bakery is defending its employees, saying in a statement, “When you attack one member of our family, you will attack all of our family.”

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“We are a family run company and all our employees whether they have been with us for a day or years, when you attack a member of our family, you attack. public all of our families. All retail employees have been on the front lines during the pandemic. They try to put a smile on their face. There is no justification for someone being assaulted and insulted and being treated the same way he was, ”Vice President Davidovich Bakery Mark Fintz told CBS2.

“We are not on duty to wear masks, we obey the law. The law states that we must follow the rules and we expect our customers to understand that they are free to visit other properties if they do not like it. No one is subjected to such racial detractors and harassment. People from all over came out of the country to praise him for handling it with dignity and grace. He’s just trying to make a salary and navigate these crazy times.

The incident took place on Sunday morning inside the Essex Market above East below.

Witnesses said the woman – who had four children with her, including one in a stroller – refused to wear a mask.

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A woman’s racist speech at the Essex Market on the Lower East Side was caught on camera March 21, 2021. (Credit: Real Instagram User)

In the video, someone can be heard saying: “Madame, he will not serve you, so please leave.”

Then the woman cursed and used a racial obscenity, adding, “That’s what he is … I just said, you heard it.”

The man who filmed the video said a security guard let the woman skip the row, so she could place an order and get out.

“The bagel staff didn’t want to serve her, so the guard was like:“ You won’t be served. You’re holding the line, you better get out of here, ” he said. “I didn’t know she was a racist when I took out my phone.”

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She refused to leave until the police were called.



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