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Daydreaming enhances brain health, from a neuroscientist

Daydreaming and doodling are often misunderstood as distracting ways of thinking, but in reality, letting our mind wander has enormous effect.

In my latest book Clean up your mental mess, I explained that when we daydream, we basically restart our minds. These moments help your brain rest and allow it to recover, which enhances clarity of thinking and organizes neural networks.

Alpha activity is increased and balanced for optimal relaxation and alertness. This allows us to narrow the gap between conscious and unconscious mind, thereby putting you in a state of peace, readiness and meditate.

Turn to plain operation is also increased, helping to generate repressed thoughts. Thinker moments also increase beta activity, which is important for processing information, staying alert, focused, and attentive, and for overcoming something challenging.

This balanced energy increases blood flow to the brain and allows it to function more efficiently.

On the other hand, not letting your mind daydream or rest can reduce blood flow by up to 80% in the front of the brain, which can significantly affect cognitive fluency and effective connected thinking. . Cumulatively, this can lead to unprocessed and thoughtful thoughts nightmare, affecting your overall quality of sleepperformance and mental health.



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