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Bulgarian Citizen for European Development (GERB), a conservative party led by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who in the campaign traveled across the country in his giant 4WD, go forward in general elections on April 4 against anti-corruption parties. Its main rival, the Socialist Party (PSB), failed, winning 15.01% of the vote.

The surprise came from the new anti-founding party “There is such a person” (ITN) led by famous singer Stanislav Trifonov, finishing second with 17.66% of the votes. GERB’s score (26.18% of the vote) means it can’t be dominated alone. Borissov, who has dominated Bulgarian politics for over a decade, will find it difficult to forge partnerships: voters have eliminated most of the far-right parties that support him, and those who get through 4% threshold to join parliament refused to form an alliance with him.

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